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App Store Insider: August Trometer Part 2

Posted by Tom Hesser on March 3rd, 2009

App Store Insider: August Trometer, FoggyNoggin Software

Website: http://foggynoggin.com/

Contact: Contact FoggyNoggin

Bio: Web developer by day, Mac and iPhone developer by night.

- Created iPodderX, the world's first podcast client
- Wrote "Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Safari" prior to the SDK being released
- Loan Shark was chosen early on by Apple as a "Featured" app, and is also featured in Apple's own "iPhone Your Life" pages.

Favorite apps:
Fieldrunners, USA Today, Blocked, Touch Physics, and Things, and Pandora

Interview with August Trometer: Part 2: [audio:http://148apps.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/AugustTrometerP2.mp3]
To listen to the audio interview, click the play triangle above.
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Finishing up our interview with August, I ask him about what it is like being an iPhone developer in the lime-light, or Celebrity Developer. He talks about how much fun it has been to break out of the traditional role from time to time, and how it has really helped out his programming business.

I also get his opinions on Apple's filing to have jailbreaking iPhones judged illegal, what that means to the development community, and how jailbreaking is actually beneficial to the App Store and making the iPhone a popular development platform. August also tells us why he has avoided it.

Most importantly, August gives us the breaking story about the soon to be released app, YOWZA!!, and how it will change the way you shop and use your iPhone.

Listen to how August met Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman on Heroes) on Twitter, and joined forces with Rick Yaeger from MacMerc, to create a whole new business model for an iPhone app, and how they have tackled the problems of turning your iPhone into a money-saving shopping tool! And it's going to be FREE!

Here is a little taste from Greg himself.


You can check out August's digital book, Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Safari on your Kindle from Amazon, or buy it in PDF format here.

App Store Insider: Corey Johnson

Posted by Tom Hesser on February 3rd, 2009

This is the start of a new series here on 148Apps. A series where we interview people from all areas of the app development process. From developers, to designers, even management. Looking to help others gain insight into what works, and what doesn't work in app development and sales. - Editor

App Store Insider: Corey Johnson, Probably Interactive

Website: http://probablyinteractive.com

Contact: contact <at> probablyinteractive.com

Bio: Programming professionally since 2000, unprofessionally since I got a used Commodore PET in 1987. Sports a striking beard. Happily married.

Work Status: Self-Employed, Available for contract work

Favorite apps:
Tweetie, Rolando, NetNewsWire, Wiki Tap, and Streaks

Interview with Corey Johnson: [audio:http://www.148apps.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/CoreyJohnson.mp3]
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Corey tells us how he made the transition to developing for the iPhone, and tells some stories about the pitfalls of working within Apple's strict guidelines. Overall he has been enjoying the experience, and relates that Apple's tools and services for developers keeps getting better. Corey comments that Apple still has a ways to go toward helping the programmers communicate with their users and get useful feedback.

Lastly, he tells us about some of the apps he has in the AppStore and how he came to create them. His app, Movie Brain, required some lateral thinking to get his app to be a self-contained, searchable database of all movies. He also introduces a new app coming soon, just in time for Oscar season. The app is called "And The Award Goes To...Oscar Edition" and will be able to display past Oscar winners as well as the nominees for the upcoming Oscars. In addition, the app will allow you to cast votes for you favorite movies and compare them to the votes of other users of the app. Corey hopes this will be the basis for other interactive apps he has planned for later.

Links to all of Corey's apps are below. Let us know what you think of the interview and any feedback for Corey on the apps.