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Cuboid Free Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob Rich on May 22nd, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: SLOW & STEADY
The PSN Puzzler makes its way onto iOS with little trouble.
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FREEday 5/18/12 - "FREE Your Mind for the Journey"

Posted by Rob Rich on May 18th, 2012

Free games again? Man, I’m really starting to get tired of--who am I kidding? Games! For free! Isn’t that awesome?? This week we’re a little all over the place with genres and content. Something for almost everybody, and it’s all free.

The Sandbox - Come on now, this one shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s a shockingly impressive sandbox (har-har) game that allows players to grow their own environments, and even simple machinery, or destroy it as they see fit. Lots of elements to unlock that play off of each other in interesting ways and a virtually limitless potential for creation make it a must-have even without accounting for the whole being free thing.

Pawns Unleashed - I’m more than a little excited for Dragon’s Dogma, which is due out in less than a week (!!!). Of course I plan to use this location-based treasure hunter fill the (admittedly small) gap, but it can certainly keep people busy even after the console release.

Cuboid Free - I’ve always wanted to check out this game, but never got around to downloading it from PSN. Now that I can try it on my iPhone for free, I don’t really have an excuse to avoid this cube-turning puzzler anymore.

Quest of Magic: An Adventure in Azoth - Dungeon crawlers? Yes. Free dungeon crawlers? Oh absolutely. A free dungeon crawler made in Mac Gamemaker? Well, it’s a bit questionable but I’m open to just about anything. Especially if it’s free!

Rage of Bahamut - Gotta love a free-to-play iOS collectible card game. Especially one with gorgeous artwork and daily updates. Having a choice between single and multiplayer is just the icing on a very delicious-looking and affordable cake. Mmmmm… cake…

Witch Wars - The App Store is no stranger to match-three games, but this is a match-three game about witches. Witches who fight each other. Although what interests me most is the promise of constant character unlocks, multiple modes, and individual (and upgradable) skills that help to set each witch apart.