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Bulkypix's Mystery Game Revealed: PyramidVille Adventure

Posted by Rob Rich on December 22nd, 2011

In a move that's not entirely unexpected, another popular Facebook title is being brought over to iOS devices. Bulkypix, in collaboration with Kobojo, are adapting PyramidVille for Apple devices. Dubbed PyramidVille Adventure this time around.

This is looking to be more than a mere straight port, however. While the developers have indeed carried the Ancient Egyptian city-building and citizen-gathering mechanics over, they've gone and added some new stuff as well. Players will be able to find special items that allow them to build special structures such as the Great Sphinx, as well as take part in a new collection of mini-games that can actually reduce the amount of real-time waiting required for various actions. And, of course, the entire interface has been redesigned for iOS with touch controls and the like.

Those looking to become the next Ramses (or Cleopatra!) will still have to wait a bit before they can experience the 6 million player strong Facebook phenomena on the go. PyramidVille Adventure isn't set to come out for another month or so, towards the tail end of January. It'll be free-to-play, and universal, so once it does come out there won't be much of a reason to avoid it. Aside from the obvious ones like "free time" and "loved ones" anyway.

MyTown 2 Review

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Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt HD Review

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