Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Brings Animal Hunting to iOS, Features Multiple Gameplay Modes and Customizable Loadouts

Posted by Andrew Stevens on December 16th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter arrives on iOS as a free-to-play title that has players hunting for animals. It features objective-based missions that include survivor mode and time challenges as players deal with animals like grizzly bears, mountain lions, deer, and more. Players can also customize their loadout with rifles, bows, pistols, shotguns, and clothing.

“Cabela’s and Activision have been working together on hunting video games for over a decade, and we’ve consistently been No. 1 in the genre,” said Eric Wieser, Director of Merchandising at Cabela’s, in a press release. “Cabela’s Big Game Hunter is our first title developed from the ground up specifically for mobile. We’ve taken our time with this to make sure we offer our fans something authentic."