Play Bold Poker With iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch With This Innovative App

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on December 7th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Because plain old card stock so last century!

The Bold Poker developer aims to make playing poker together in a room super iPhone friendly with this new app. Don't have a deck of cards? Hate shuffling and dealing when it's your turn? Bold Poker might be the answer. This innovative app looks odd but is certainly compelling, especially with the amazing art design on it.

How it works:

♠ Put a device (iPad is best) in the middle of the table for the board cards
♠ Each player opens Bold Poker and joins the game with their own iPhone or iPod
♠ Move the dealer button on the board device to deal a card to each player
♠ Drag the button to the player with the highest card to deal the first hand

If you want to get crazy and have a few extra iPhones or iPod touches you can:

♠ Use an extra iPhone or iPod touch for the button (moderately crazy)
♠ Use five iPhones or iPod touches to display the board (borderline insane)
♠ Use two iPhones per player to display each pocket card (off the hook)