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And the Winner of the 7th Annual Best App Ever Awards is...

Posted by Rob Rich on July 21st, 2015

After much nominating and deliberating, the votes for the 7th Annual Best App Ever Awards have been tallied and the results are in. Congratulations to ustwo and Monument Valley for being selected at this year's Best App Ever!

Nominate Your Favorite iOS and Android Games for the 7th Annual Best App Ever Awards

Posted by Rob Rich on January 19th, 2015

That time of the year has come. Whether you're a gamer, app user, indie dev, or big-time games industry publisher, chances are you'd like to see your favourite game of the past year get some recognition.

The prestigious Best App Ever Awards, now in their 7th year, offer a great chance to give the limelight to games and apps that may otherwise miss out. The difference with these awards? The nominated titles are chosen by the public, all around the world. We've had millions of votes over the past seven years, and we're expecting millions more.

This year we're hosting the iOS and Android awards simultaneously rather than staggering them, so if you enjoy dual-wielding phones you'll be set for both.

We recommend all users, developers, and publishers follow @BestAppEver for all the Award updates, and use #BestAppEver to show everyone how you're voting.

The nomination process closes at midnight on January 31, so get nominating!

Winners of the 1st Annual Best App Ever Awards for Android Announced!

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 18th, 2014

Even though we're iOS loving people around here, we're still proud to announce the winners of the very first Best App Ever Awards for Android!

With 1,500 apps nominated for over 30 categories, over two months, it's been a fantastic success at finding the very best apps and games out there. Here are the winners:

Best App Ever - Android Division

Winner: Dead Trigger 2 by MADFINGER Games
Second Place: SolGroup by SolStudio at Daum
Third Place: WhatsApp Messenger by WhatsApp Inc.

Most Innovative App - Android Division

Winner: Dead Trigger 2 by MADFINGER Games
Second Place: WhatsApp Messenger by WhatsApp Inc.
Third Place: SnapChat by Snapchat Inc.

Best Visual Design - Android Division

Winner: Timely Alarm Clock by Bitspin
Second Place: JotterPad (Writer) by 2 App Studio
Third Place: Smart Volume Control+ by Direct-services s.r.o.

Hit the jump for the full list of winners in all categories of the 1st Annual Best App Ever for Android Awards!

The Best App Ever Awards for Android set to be Revealed Tomorrow

Posted by Jennifer Allen on July 17th, 2014

Us iOS enthusiasts have been able to enjoy the delights of the Best App Ever Awards for the past six years. Android owners haven't been so lucky though. That is, until now, where we're a mere 24 hours away from announcing the results of the very first Best App Ever Awards for Android.

The nomination phase lasted over two months with over 1,500 apps nominated in over 30 categories.

Here's a heads up of what categories will be announced tomorrow:

  • Most Innovative App
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Location-Based App
  • Most Useful App
  • Best Books & Reference App
  • Best Business App
  • Best Comics App
  • Best Communication App
  • Best Education App
  • Best Entertainment App
  • Best Finance App
  • Best Health and Fitness App
  • Best Lifestyle App
  • Best Live Wallpaper
  • Best Media and Video App
  • Best Medical App
  • Best Music and Audio App
  • Best News and Magazine App
  • Best Personalization App
  • Best Photography App
  • Best Productivity App
  • Best Shopping App
  • Best Social App
  • Best Sports App
  • Best Tool App
  • Best Transportation App
  • Best Travel & Local App
  • Best Weather App
  • Best Widget App

  • Most Innovative Game
  • Best Arcade and Action Game
  • Best Brain and Puzzle Game
  • Best Cards and Casino Game
  • Best Casual Game
  • Best Racing Game
  • Best Sports Game

And of course, the Best App Ever, covering all the different categories possible!

While we know you're all iOS loving folk, we thought you'd like to see how things work out for Android owners.

Check back here tomorrow and over on the official Best App Ever site at 8am PDT, to find out what's been crowned winner!

Sponsored by iDreamSky, the largest mobile game publishing platform in China by active users.

The Best App Ever Awards - 5 Years Worth of Winners

Posted by Rob Rich on July 8th, 2013

The Best App Ever Awards have been around ever since ever since the App Store first came into being five years ago. Each year the best of the best have been culled from hundreds (even thousands) of releases. This list represents five years worth of winners, as decided by Best App Ever readers. Five years worth of apps and games that have been chosen above all others due to their all-around awesomeness. Five of the Best Apps Ever.

Here they are.


Shazam (Shazam Entertainment)
A lot of people were pretty excited when the iPhone first came out, and it was apps like Shazam that helped to keep them that way. In a time when smartphones were being scoffed at, being able to hold your phone up to a speaker and have it identify whatever song is currently playing was pretty freaking impressive. It goes so far beyond kitschy stuff like virtual lighters or photo booths. This is an app that serves an incredibly useful purpose; especially for those of us who enjoy finding new music.

2008 was the App Store’s first year, and even then there was no shortage of great apps and games for iOS users to enjoy. The likes of eWallet, Fieldrunners, Facebook, and Rolando were all exemplary nominees. However, in the end they just weren’t able to compete with the ability to identify any song that’s playing on the radio, in a store, or wherever else. It’s simply too handy.


Pocket God (Bolt Creative)
I don’t want to be presumptuous, but Bolt Creative may very well be responsible for creating the current “Feel like something’s missing? Wait for an update!” environment that has overtaken the App Store. With 47 (47!!!) episodes released to date, Pocket God is just might be the most thoroughly supported app in the world. This funky sandbox of wrongness has seen so many tweaks and changes over the years that it provides users with mini-games that cover almost every single popular genre on the App Store.

2009 was very close, but Pocket God managed to take first place over apps like 2Do and Twitter, and some wonderful games like Real Racing and Flight Control. Perhaps it was due to all the diversity inherent in all those episodes, or maybe people just really like torturing small virtual islanders. Whatever the reason, Bolt Creative captured a lot of hearts (and probably zapped them with lightning or tossed them to the sharks) that year.


Angry Birds (Rovio Entertainment Ltd)
Say and think what you will about Angry Birds and its current cultural phenomenon status; it’s still a clever game. Rovio’s little physics puzzler that could took the App Store by storm and has continued to do so with multiple spin-offs. Often duplicated, never replicated, this little bird-chucking game has solidified the genre as something synonymous with mobile gaming. There’s even one version that uses the “Star Wars” license. Honestly, there aren’t many other iOS games that can make that claim, and even fewer that aren’t directly affiliated with Lucasarts one way or another.

2010 saw the inclusion of a number of fantastic iOS games to the awards. Games like Infinity Blade, Real Racing 2, and Solipskier are all wonderful in their own right. That makes it all the more impressive so see them, and second place nominee Pocket Legends get edged out by a game about loading birds into a slingshot. Don’t underestimate the power of simple yet addictive gameplay.


Jetpack Joyride (Halfbrick Studios)
Barry Steakfries wasn’t new to the App Store when Jetpack Joyride was released, but it is the game that cemented his mobile celebrity status. Barry’s hijacking of a jetpack made of machine guns wasn’t exactly groundbreaking in terms of gameplay (think a hybrid of endless runners and classic corridor flying games like Copter), but Halfbrick polished the heck out of all the mechanics and absolutely overloaded it with personality. To this day it’s still one of the best examples of “just one more try” games on iOS.

2011 was a great year for iOS gamers. Infinity Blade II, World of Goo, Tiny Tower, Where’s My Water, and a whole lot more all made the list. To see little ol’ Barry with his impossible flying machine sitting above them all is a great indication of just how powerful and compulsive an extremely well-made endless game can be. Especially on a mobile platform.


Walking Dead: The Game (Telltale Games)
Telltale’s adventure games have been a bit hit-and-miss over the years, but pretty much everyone felt The Walking Dead was a major hit. Lee’s tale won over many a stone-hearted gamer, and the iOS release more or less cemented Apple’s mobile devices as viable gaming platforms. Making the tough choices isn’t any easier when it’s on a smaller screen, that’s for sure.

2012 was another great year; with games like Punch Quest and Outwitters, and apps like Clear and Action Movie FX narrowly edged out. It’s a testament to how far the App Store has come to see so many great and diverse offerings listed. And it’s a testament to Telltale Games’ ability to craft an incredible story about equally incredible characters to see Walking Dead: The Game come out on top.

Announcing the Top Nominees of the 2010 Best App Ever Awards

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 23rd, 2010

Nominations for the 2010 Best App Ever awards, the People's Choice of mobile apps, are well under way. We're expecting a record number of nominations this year having already received 21,000 nominations. Nominations are open through the end of the day, 12/31. We'll open up the final voting a few days after the new year. Voting will stay open until January 25th and we will announce the winners of the Best App Ever awards during the 2010 Macworld Expo.

2010 saw the release of the iPad and a whole new class of apps. And this year we've included the iPad apps in the Best App Ever awards with duplicate awards in all categories. Below you will find the current top 5 nominees in each category and division ordered alphabetically.

Most Innovative App

iPhone/iPod TouchiPad
»EpicWin by supermono limited»Flipboard by Flipboard Inc.
»Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC»Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC
»Momento by d3i Ltd»Notes Plus by Viet Tran
»Twitter by Twitter, Inc.»Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad by Quickoffice, Inc.
»Word Lens by Quest Visual»Twitter by Twitter, Inc.

Best Visual Design

iPhone/iPod TouchiPad
»FlightTrack Pro by Mobiata by Ben Kazez»FlightTrack Pro by Mobiata by Ben Kazez
»Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC»Flipboard by Flipboard Inc.
»Knorr by CloudSourceIT»Pages by Apple Inc.
»On this day... by Sophiestication Software»Pulse News Reader by Alphonso Labs Inc.
»The Cartographer by A Tasty Pixel»djay by algoriddim

Best Use of iOS Hardware

iPhone/iPod TouchiPad
»360 Panorama by Occipital»Blocktacular by evilBlue Studios
»Flashlight+ by More Blu Sky»Epic Citadel by Epic Games, Inc.
»PocketCPR by Bio-Detek, Inc.»Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment Group, LLC
»Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner by Big in Japan»Instapaper by Marco Arment
»Star Walk by Vito Technology Inc.»RAGE HD by id Software

Best Navigation App

iPhone/iPod TouchiPad
»MotionX GPS Drive by MotionX»NAVIGON MobileNavigator Europe by NAVIGON AG
»NAVIGON MobileNavigator Europe by NAVIGON AG»NAVIGON MobileNavigator North America by NAVIGON AG
»OffMaps by Felix Lamouroux»Navfree USA by Geolife Ltd.
»TomTom U.S.A. by TomTom International BV»OffMaps by Felix Lamouroux
»Waze by Waze Inc.»Waze by Waze Inc.

World's Largest App Store Promo Code Contest!

Posted by Jeff Scott on February 16th, 2010

We're proud to announce the world's largest iPhone app promo code contest held to honor the nominees of the 2009 Best App Ever Awards!

In honor of the second annual Best App Ever Awards, nominees were invited to submit promo codes for their apps for a promo code contest. What we got back was absolutely staggering. We have thus far received 912 1092 promo codes for 100 121 different apps. That comes to a total retail value of almost $2500 $3045!