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AppZapp Upgraded to 4.0

Posted by Jordan Minor on March 9th, 2012

When AppZapp came out two years ago it left its mark as one of the premiere apps for discovering other new apps and app sales. It made looking for fun, new apps an enjoyable activity itself. The new 4.0 update brings even more fun and functionality to the app searching experience.

One of the big new upgrades is the community feature. AppZapp users can now see what apps their friends are downloading to check out what looks interesting. This information is displayed on a news feed that also shows whether or not friends like their new apps. The other new feature is the ability for the MyApps list to view apps downloaded on all of a users devices. This makes syncing easier and more comprehensive.

The AppZapp 4.0 update is available now for AppZapp, AppZapp PUSH and AppZapp HD for iPad. The App Store is full of potentially awesome apps just waiting to be found and this app is here to help.

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App Store Bargain Hunting From AppZapp

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 18th, 2011

Back when the App Store was a new and shiny invention, I remember being able to browse the entire contents of the store within the space of an hour at most. These days however, it would take so long to browse the store that more apps would have been added by the time anyone got to the end. While we at 148apps can help iOS owners keep up to date with all the best and most interesting apps out there, even we can miss out on a hidden gem or forgotten bargain. This is precisely where AppZapp enters the picture.

AppZapp promises to be the Bargain Guide for the App Store and a quick glance will confirm that for all. AppZapp keeps track of all the price drops going on at any one time then lists them in appropriately organised lists for easy consultation.

The Live Stream is of particular interest offering a whole bunch of apps that have had their price adjusted. The difference here is that the Stream keeps track of what other users of AppZapp have been downloading at the current time forming an ideal way of seeing exactly what's popular at any given time. The Top List offers a similar facility along with the option to view the App Store charts easily without having to delve into the App Store app. Sales and Now Free sections supply apps in order of when the price dropped. There's even an AppZapp news section that informs users of the best apps out there that have recently gone down in price.

AppZapp has the potential to save its users a heck of a lot of money which is pretty impressive stuff for such an inexpensive app. It's free for iPhone users while a mere $0.99 for a HD iPad version. Users can choose to pay $1.99 to remove ads if they so wish. There's also the option to pay $0.99 for a Push Service Notification system.

However readers of 148apps don't have to worry about this as we have an exclusive code to gain that for free! All users have to do is go to Settings and Coupon Code then simply enter 148apps to gain the service for free!

Surely a perfect reason to give AppZapp a try, right?