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Angry Birds Rio Adds 15 New Summertime Levels For A Total Of 250

Posted by Andrew Stevens on July 25th, 2013
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Pocket Gamer reports that Angry Birds Rio added 15 new summer-themed levels in its latest update. There are also new bonus levels to unlock and new items to enjoy, including inflatable pool toys and floating pig balloons. Now go enjoy some summertime fun, Angry Birds style!

By the way, there are now 250 total levels in Angry Birds Rio. Check out this trailer below!

Me, My Mum And Our Mutual Love Of Apps And Games

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 8th, 2013

When I was growing up, my friends' parents never really got gaming. Some might have appreciated that their kids loved playing games, and would still buy them the relevant equipment, but they never really understood why it excited us so much. I happened to be part of a, then, very select group. I had parents who figured it out perfectly. My Dad was never any good at playing any games but he enjoyed talking about them because he was forever fascinated by the progression of technology. It was my Mum, however, that turned into a major rival. In the good sense, of course.

As a kid, we would have battles to beat each other's Tetris scores. We'd compete at games of Columns too, meeting up to work together to progress through Bubble Bobble (we never did beat it).

One of the most important things I believe I've ever been given is a set of parents that were constantly supportive and encouraging of what I set out to achieve. That's continued right up until today.

With my father sadly no longer with us, my relationship with my mother is even stronger than it was before. Having pursued a potentially risky path of freelance writing, she's always been there fully supportive. Whether it be by accepting that money is a little tight this month, or by making sure I've got a sandwich by my side while I struggle to meet a tight deadline. Of course, I do the same for her, but Sunday isn't about me, it's about her!

Crucially, she's quite the solo gamer and tech enthusiast now. In recent years, she spent a few hundred hours playing through Dragon Quest VIII on the Playstation 2. Something that I'm rather proud of telling other gamers. More relevantly for readers of 148apps, perhaps, she's unlocked and at least two-starred every single level of Angry Birds imaginable, and I don't mean just standard Angry Birds. I'm talking standard, Space, Star Wars, Seasons and Rio. She's a machine when it comes to flicking birds towards pigs.

We've got the one iPad between us which luckily isn't too much of an issue, although it never stops either of us flocking to the Apple Store together to gaze at the new specimens. Sure, we both know that the iPad 2 is a very fine device in its own right but that doesn't stop either of us eyeing up the size of the iPad Mini or pondering just how much faster the iPad 4 might seem. She's got her own iPhone now too, having been given my "old" iPhone 4. It's the perfect tool for her to play SpellTower while on the move, her language skills being far superior to mine.

She hasn't quite delved into the apps world as much yet. She reckons it's because she's too busy. I reckon it's because there's always "just one more" level of Angry Birds to conquer.

I'm an extremely lucky person to have not only such a supportive mother, but one that is just as excited as me about new technology, gadgets and the wonders of the App Store.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum. :) [And from all of us at 148Apps, too, Jen's mum! --Ed.]

Angry Birds Rio Goes Free

Posted by Jeff Scott on January 17th, 2013

Angry Birds Rio, the sort of forgotten Angry Birds game, has gone free for a bit. Both the iPhone and iPad versions are free.

If you need a few dozen more Angry Birds levels to hold you over to the next sequel, give it a shot. It's just what you would expect, and it's free.

Angry Birds Updates Aplenty!

Posted by Blake Grundman on May 16th, 2011

Just when you think that Angry Birds may finally be ready to slink away from the top of the iOS sales charts and make way for some new hotshot developers, another update hits for the most successful portable game franchise in the history of the platform.  That's right folks, it is time to fire up your iPhones and get ready for the long awaited and eagerly anticipated May update for Angry Birds Rio to land on your iOS device of choice.

After facing a barrage of emails, tweets, and Facebook messages when the first of May came and went without new stages being added to their beloved Angry Birds, Rovio decided to head speculation off at the pass, and released the following trailer:

Finally landing last Friday, the expansion pack nicknamed "Beach Volley",  features thirty new stages to add to the initial sixty included in Rio's original release.  This time you will take the primate assaulting to the surf and turf, in search of more birds that desperately need to be freed.

But that is not all folks, because it looks like the original Angry Birds may be getting some downloadable love as well.  According to Rovio's official twitter feed, late this month will also see brand new content come to roost on the first game that just kept on giving.  Honestly, the concept of continuing to update the first title when the sequel is already selling like gangbusters baffles me slightly, but who am I to sneeze at new, not to mention free, content.

In one last revelation to sneak out over Rovio's twitter account, they seem to be targeting June to release another update to Angry Birds Seasons.  Given that June 21st officially marks the start of summer, it would seem appropriate to see how everyone's favorite swine embrace the sweltering heat.  Oh, and just a note, in case you couldn't see the theme of this article, if you are a fan of Angry Birds, you should really be following Rovio on twitter.  It is a veritable news bonanza!

Angry Birds Rio Hits 10 Million Downloads in Just 10 Days

By Jeff Scott on April 1st, 2011
Rovio, developers of the Angry Birds juggernaut, today announced that their latest in the series, Angry Birds Rio, has already hit 10 million downloads in just 10 days.
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Angry Birds Rio Lands on iOS Tonight Now!

Posted by Blake Grundman on March 21st, 2011
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Update: Angry Birds Rio for iPhone and iPad is now live! Get the download links below.

Drum roll please... Stories have been running rampant across the internet that the eagerly anticipated sequel to Angry Birds, entitled Angry Birds Rio, should be going live tomorrow in the App Store.  These rumors were later confirmed by Rovio themselves via the official Angry Birds twitter account. So now the question becomes how long do you have to wait for your next hit of furious foul?

If you are looking to get an early jump on the GameCenter leaderboards you would think that a midnight download might be in order, but if you assumed that you would be gravely mistaken.  In all actuality, the App Store is usually updated at 11pm whatever your local time may be, hereby giving you an extra hour head start on the competition. I for one will be eagerly awaiting the launch from the comfort of my bed, then spending the remainder of the night not getting any sleep.

Weighing in at a healthy sixty stages, the next installment in the Angry Birds saga will take our favorite feathered protagonists south of the boarder, as they attempt to free birds that have been illegally held in captivity.  There is no word yet on whether the pig infestation of the current installment make a sneak appearance in Rio, but I just have a gut feeling that we haven't seen the last of them.  The most recent trailer even featured a new boss mechanic that is bound to give players nothing but brain freezing fits.

Get ready to take aim at the opposition and plunk down a mere ninety-nine cents for your next taste of the sweet nectar known as Angry Birds.  I know that I plan to be excitedly waiting with bated breath for the witching hour to arrive.  If you are lucky enough to already be on the Tuesday side of the date line let us know what you think of the game in the comments.  We are all VERY curious!

Angry Birds Seasons Land a Heartwarming Update

Posted by Blake Grundman on February 14th, 2011

I don't know if you are beginning to feel the same as me, but I am starting to wonder if the development team over a Rovio has something against sleeping.  Between a Super Bowl update to the first installment in the Angry Birds series and a Rio themed sequel on the way, you would think that they would have their hands full.  But with their third headline grabbing piece of news in as many weeks, there is more love coming to Angry Birds fans everywhere.

This time around, it is Angry Birds Seasons that is getting some love in the form of a Valentines Day themed update.  Though it is significantly smaller than the Christmas update that brought an additional twenty-five stages, on top of the initial Halloween offering of forty-five levels, these additional eighteen challenges are sure to continue to whet your whistle for more disgruntled fowl fun.

As always, these updates come to you at no charge, as long as you have purchased the base Angry Birds Seasons application.  Now this raises the next obvious question: what will be the next holiday that we get to explore through the eyes of these swine hating birdbrains?  I certainly don't think we will be seeing a President's Day update and Ash Wednesday may be a bit too morbid, not to mention non-secular.  If I were a betting man, I would be putting my money on a St. Patrick's Day themed pack.  That said, drowning the pigs in steins of beer might be a tad culturally insensitive.

What do you think will be the next holiday celebrated in Angry Birds Seasons?  Now that I think aboutit , Mardi Gras seems just ripe for the picking - just remember you heard it here first. Let us know what you think in the comments.

A Furious Flock of Fowl Take Flight Again in Angry Birds Rio

Posted by Blake Grundman on February 2nd, 2011
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Have you finally managed to conquer all of the holiday goodness that was Angry Birds: Seasons?  If you are anything like me, you have been eagerly awaiting the next proper entry in the series since completing the last festivus themed stage on Christmas morning.  While the game was a present in and of itself, I have been left with a month long void, where everyone's favorite bombadeering birds have been absent from my iPhone.  It has been a dark time, indeed.

This is why I was thrilled to hear official confirmation from Angry Birds developer Rovio, by way of IntoMobile, that a proper sequel to the original phenomenon is not only in the works, but tentatively (not to mention vaguely) scheduled to crash land onto the iOS platform sometime in March.  In another first for the series, the game will be simultaneously launching on not only iOS, but also Android and Symbian.  It is hard not to have mixed feeling about this, given that the franchise was birthed on our gaming platform of choice, but if it helps funding expansions our favorite gaming addiction, who are we to really complain?

[caption id="attachment_64030" align="alignright" width="245" caption="Now THOSE are some angry birds!"]


Though it is encouraging to hear that the game will be getting a newly christened graphical upgrade, forty-five new stages with the promise for more via update, and several new wrinkles to the game mechanics, it was surprising to learn that the developers have pared up with 20th Century Fox to help complement the launch of their upcoming animated film, Rio.  Entitled the very original, Angry Birds Rio, the game will focus on melding the two worlds together in a way that will hopefully pass along little bit of Rovio's secret sauce onto the cinematic release.

"In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to to save their friends, Blu and Jewel – two rare macaws and the stars of the upcoming Fox motion picture, Rio.  Angry Birds Rio will pair the physics-based gameplay of the original game with unique twists based on the highly-anticipated film." -- VIA Rovio Mobile BlogPost

I can't help but feel like this is a slight betrayal of some of Angry Bird's early "indie cred", but that said, anyone else in Rovio's position would be insane to not try to even partially cash in on the goodwill associated with the brand.  If nothing else, the immense amount of free content patched into the original game has earned them a free pass in my eyes and honestly, even if I was offended, it wouldn't stop me from gobbling this up the moment it becomes available.

We will leave you with a sneak peak of what we can all be looking forward to in March.  Please attempt to keep your gleeful squealing to a minimum.