Read What You Want To Read Thanks to Zite

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 3rd, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Zite is an iPad only app that reminds me just how desperately I need an iPad in my life. It's not the only app that offers a personalised magazine style interface but it does offer some pretty cool looking features for the grand price of nothing.

Using a variety of different sources, both mainstream and niche, Zite collects everything up and provides a truly personalised experience for your reading needs. An added bonus is that you can sync both Twitter and Google Reader with Zite to give you even more to consult.

An auto-suggest tool intelligently recommends some great ideas, customising things to your interests.

Plus there's the near obligatory ability to share content via Twitter, Facebook and email. Always handy if you want to let a friend know about something you've just read about.

Zite looks like a clean and useful app. One that'll keep up to date with your ever changing interests and needs. The ability to simply tap if you want to see more about a certain genre, or to 'like' the particular article so Zite remembers in future is a great and simple touch.

Zite is available now for the iPad.