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148Apps 2014 Holiday Shopping Guide for Health Nuts

Posted by Rob Rich on December 8th, 2014

Welcome, one and all, to another 148Apps holiday shopping guide! Today marks the first of five guides for iOS-related holiday gifts we'll be sharing with you all every day, over the course of the week. Are you having trouble figuring out what to get for a distant relative, new neighbor, or estranged second cousin? Thankfully there are people like us putting together handy-dandy holiday shopping guides for you! Whether you’re looking for new hardware and accessories, or just something a bit less impersonal than an iTunes gift card, we’ve got you covered.

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Today’s guide is for the health nuts. Those people who get up inhumanly early to exercise, bike and/or jog with regularity, or otherwise make athletic activities a significant part of their day. If you’d like to help the health-conscious iOS users in your life with some handy gizmos, or maybe nab a useful app or two they may not have heard of, check out our list below for some ideas.

iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua S Case Hardware Review

By Jade Walker on August 7th, 2014
The iBattz Mojo Refuel Aqua S Case is a very functional case with a few small flaws.
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Uberbuds - Awesome Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

By Jeff Scott on December 18th, 2013
If users need to go wireless and love earbuds, this is a compact and great option. The sound is good and the battery life is better than expected given the overall size. Earbud size may be a problem for some.
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Sphero Goes 2.0, Rolls Faster and Shines Brighter With Its New Body

Posted by Andrew Stevens on August 14th, 2013

Sphero 2.0 is said to be way too awesome as the little robotic ball comes rolling out with a brand-new roll-botic body! The new Sphero 2.0 is said to be faster, brighter, and smarter, and it comes with new accessories such as ramps and all-terrain nubby covers. It also comes with a new Sphero 2.0 app which allows users to unlock physical properties on their personal Sphero-bot as they advance through 20 levels of gameplay.

Ok, so it does sound pretty awesome. I WANT ONE!

“The first time I drove Sphero 2.0, I passed out,” said Ian Bernstein, co-founder of Orbotix, in a press release. "It’s true – Sphero 2.0 has been re-engineered from the ground up to give the user an entirely new gaming experience. It’s kind of like Einstein and C-3PO had a baby."

Sphero 2.0 is now available for pre-order on Brookstone.com and GoSphero.com, and will be available on August 30th, 2013 for $129.99.

I-MEGO Throne Poison Headphones Review

By Rob LeFebvre on April 5th, 2013
The I-MEGO Throne Poision headset brings clear, brilliant, isolated sound in a comfortable, affordable package.
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RockSteady XS Bluetooth Speaker Review

By Rob LeFebvre on March 15th, 2013
The RockSteady XS is the loudest little micro speaker I've heard, though the design does have some other flaws.
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Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Review

By Rob LeFebvre on August 10th, 2012
The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio gets top marks in an already crowded product market for iPad keyboards.
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Scosche MyTrek Pulse Monitor Arm Band and myTREK App Fitness Combination

Posted by Greg Dawson on January 16th, 2012

The award-winning Scosche MyTrek Pulse Monitor is an arm band that communicates wirelessly with the free myTREK health and fitness app. The app displays real-time pulse, target training zone, calories burned, distance and speed of run, total workout time and provides voice prompts during the workout. At $129.99, the pulse monitor works exlusively with the above mentioned app and seems to greatly reduce the bulkiness of the many chest and watch combinations.

With accurate pulse monitoring, the user can easily assess the intensity of their workout and adjust which training zone they're in by using the five color coded options to quickly identify the desired intensity level. Based on personal health information, each workout zone is represented in a different color, including Resting Zone (White), Weight Loss Zone (Green), Fitness Zone (Yellow), Performance Zone (Orange) and Red Line Zone (Red). Each training session can be customized by adjusting the type of activity, target training zone and type of workout all within the app. It also includes motivational voice prompts to get the user to the finish line as well as makes it easy to control music via the integrated buttons on the Scosche myTREK Wireless Pulse Monitor.

Wahoo Run/Gym Pack: The All-In-One Fitness Training Partner

Posted by Jennifer Allen on October 28th, 2011

Want a one stop solution for transforming an iOS device into an all-in-one fitness training partner? Then why not consider Wahoo Fitness's Wahoo Run/Gym Pack?

For $119.99, it offers everything an exercise fan could want. Using ANT+ technology, the pack combines GPS, heart rate, music playing and phone facilities all into one package. Connect an iOS device up to heart rate monitors, foot pods and other fitness sensors all through this piece of kit.

As CEO of Wahoo Fitness, Chip Hawkins, puts it: "You no longer have to purchase a designated fitness watch. You’re already carrying your iPhone or iPod Touch with you for music and safety; might as well have it track your workout too.”

The Wahoo Run/Gym Pack includes a Wahoo Soft Heart Rate Strap and Wahoo Key which links the iOS device to the most popular heart rate monitors and other ANT+ sensors. It's all compatible with over 100 of the most popular fitness apps like RunKeeper, MapMyRun+ and more, with the kit coming bundled with Wahoo Fitness' own app.

The Wahoo Run/Gym Pack is available now for $129.99 at Best Buy stores across the country as well as on the Wahoo website.