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FrEEday Vol 50

Posted by Chris Nitz on June 24th, 2011

Fish Galaxy:
Anyone who has ever mumbled the phrase: "Like shooting fish in a barrel" now have an app to put the money where their mouth is. Fish Galaxy places a bubble gun at the bottom of the screen and it is up to players to skillfully shoot fish as they swim by. Those that get bored with capturing sushi can also enjoy one of the 11 bonus mini-games to mix things up. With 42 different fish to catch, it is going to be a busy day at sea.

Magic Zoo:
This is no ordinary zoo full of boring lions, elephants, or penguins. No, this zoo is packed to the brim with awesome creatures like a genie, ogres, Pixies, and even an unicorn. Players will need to customize their zoo with hundreds of decorations to encourage visitors to come check out the baby Mad Hatter. With hundreds of new creatures to breed, this is one zoo that will always be fun to visit.

Ninja Rescue:
Pigs seem to constantly be getting a bad rap as of late, and they are not taking it anymore, especially when a wolf kidnaps the beloved little pigs from the village. Ninja Rescue is all about solving puzzles by placing various items in the world to solve dilemmas so the Ninja Pig can roll, and bounce, through the stage in order to get to the little piggy. Don't forget, pigs do bounce, so air tactics will also need to be considered. Is anyone else hungry for bacon now?

Secrets of the Dragon Wheel HD:
Gamers who want to stop murder and mayhem in exotic locations like the far east need not look any further. Secrets of the Dragon Wheel places players in the role of Epiphany O'day as she tries to track down the evil Dragon Wheel artifact. Help Epiphany find the clues by locating hidden objects scattered about various scenes. Finding Waldo may be easier than piecing this puzzle together.

Bok Choy Boys:
Little Orphan Susan's dreams are no longer safe thanks to the invasion of Numbskullz, and thus is it up to the player to help rid her dreams of this nemesis. Players won't go at this alone as they can recruit the help of the Bok Choy Boys to fight off the dream invaders. There are 35 levels to strategically battle though with 12 different Bok Choy Boys ranging from Fire, Sky, Luck, Snow, and many more. The battle will be intense, but this is one dreamland worth saving!

Captain CupCake and the Donut Disaster Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Jason Wadsworth on June 17th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: GLAZED OVER
No, this game is not about an off duty cop in search of a snack, but it may have been a bit more enjoyable if it was. Ultimately, this is just a simple platformer with a sugary sweet veneer.
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FrEEday Vol 49

Posted by Chris Nitz on June 17th, 2011

Army of Darkness Defense:
A kick-ass deal has arrived just in time for the weekend. Army of Darkness Defense is FREE for a very limited time, and this means anyone debating if this is worth picking up no longer has an excuse for not snagging this game. This is a casual defense game set in the classic Army of Darkness world. Players take on the role of Ash as he defends Lord Arthur's castle from the mass of evil undead. Packed with quotes from the movie, leaderboards, and endless deployability, there is a lot here for a hefty price of nothing. Grab those boomsticks, it is time to put down some undead baddies.

3D MMO Celtic Heroes:
iOS is proving to be a worthy platform for MMOs, and that goodness passes on to this free game. Players can expect plenty of questing, lots of dungeons to conquer, and a bounty of tests for groups of adventurers. Choose from classes like the warrior, mage, or rogue and head out into this medieval Celtic world packed with magic and mythology. This one is sure to suck away plenty of hours of free time!

Ghost Harvest:
Forget veggies and cows, this farm game is all about cultivating a sweet cemetery. Players will grow their cemeteries by fending off reporters along with those irritating ghost hunters, all while spending hard earned money on landscaping and tombstones. Just usher the souls to the afterlife and build the best cemetery the world has ever known.

Virtual Table Tennis Pro:
It is time to grab those virtual paddles and practice those table tennis skills. Players will be graced with various modes of play like practice, arcade, and tournament modes, all which will be enhanced with the animated tutorials teaching newcomers the nuances of this popular game. The game boasts a great AI system that takes on various behaviors like reaction timing and speed, endurance, and defensive capabilities. Ping-Pong in the office is now be a reality!

Pocket City:
Gamers who want to build their own marvelous city, but do not want to deal with all the hassles of running for mayor or establishing their own village now have another option. Pocket City puts players at the helm of creation and lets them build a city exactly how they want. Increase population by building homes and providing new citizens work by building factories, business centers, and community centers. The game is bright and colorful, along with coming to life thanks to wonderful animations of people walking the streets and vehicles driving around. Being a mayor can be so hard at times!

FrEEday Vol 48

Posted by Chris Nitz on June 10th, 2011

Robotek HD:
Humanity has fallen and robots now rule the world. Robotek HD allows players to destroy their enemies with lasers, fry them with electricity, or just deploy an army of robots to fend off the enemy. Robot upgrades, 200 levels of sheer tactical terror, and an online hall of fame will keep robot jocks busy for some time. Sadly Neo will not come save the day with his machine fighting badassery.

PapiStep is a simple game in which players must get Mr. Papi (a little red ball) up as high as they can in the stage. Platforms move left and right, and it is up to the player to time their jumps just right to ascend into the heavens. If Mr. Papi takes a dive, the game is over. It seems so fiendishly simple!

Shape Shift:
Shape Shift is a colorful puzzle game in which gamers must swap tiles of the same shape to match colors and clear the board. Classic mode will challenge players by forcing them to clear endless stages of bombs, meanwhile zen mode offers a more relaxed setting to just chill out and solve puzzles. The game is familiar and challenging all at the same time.

Techno Kitten Adventure:
Grab some headphones and prepare to do some head banging as this game is all about the music. Players will guide a cat, imagine that, through a gorgeously colorful world in hopes to fulfill the those aspirations of being king kitty. Obstacles will hinder this great flight, but hey, the audio is sure to keep players coming back for more!

World Cup Table Tennis - The Addictive Classic Game in 3D:
Anyone who wants to be a master of the paddle, sensei of the backspin, or just enjoys a rousing game of table tennis, this is the game for you. This game provides players a bountiful amount to do, and that starts with a career mode in which players can rise from a no-name ball smacker to a world renowned superstar. Tournament mode allows gamers to fight for their favorite country in a bracket style battle, and arcade mode will put a new spin on the classic game. Unlockables round out the package, thus giving fans plenty to do over their lunch breaks. It is hard to believe this is a free game!

FrEEday Vol 47

Posted by Chris Nitz on June 3rd, 2011

City of Wonder:
Gamers looking to get some SimCity style gaming on without breaking the bank have a great free option. City of Wonder starts players off with a tiny village and gives them the tools to grow it into a sprawling metropolis. There are hundreds of buildings to build, destroy, or just sit back and admire. No city would be complete without resource management and factories to increase wealth. Time to put on that mayor hat and produce the best city around.

Cosmic Code:
Cosmic Code is a new spin on the classic matching style game. Start off with a game in which players will fight enemies based off local points of interest in their own town. Next, throw in hidden bosses and 100+ items to collect, and this game becomes highly addictive. After all, nobody wants aliens invading their local Starbucks!

Strike Knight:
Gamers looking to mix up their shuffleboard experience have a bit of hope thanks to Strike Knight. This game takes the familiarity of shuffleboard, throws on some bowling mechanics and ships it off to iOS devices everywhere. All the player has to do is slide a puck down the board and topple as many bowling pins as possible, without getting frustrated at the heckling knight and crowd. Who needs a smoky bar now?

Slug Bugs:
Slug Bugs is a cut little game in which players mug "slug" VW Bugs as they go whizzing across the screen. The only hitch to all this madness is cop cars will try and break up the fun. The game promises some of the best audio around with Ghost 3D providing a thrilling 360-degree audio package. No more sore shoulders from playing this game during long car trips to grannies house!

FishLord allows gamers to hit the lake without the arduous tasks of applying sunblock, dealing with boat launches, or falling off a rocky boat. This game comes with four islands and 17 stages to fish and explore. Explore the deep blue sea and discover all the hidden treasures buried deep in its depths. No sunburn equals a happy fisher.

FrEEday Vol 46

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 27th, 2011

Fireworks Arcade:
Pyromaniacs looking to explode giant displays of color can now do so without the worry of burning the neighborhood down. Fireworks Arcade allows players to create brilliant fireworks displays, or just sit back and watch a generated show. There are three different game modes to keep players entertained with a variety of activities. Great physics and dozens of vibrant colors round out this fun little package.

Jewel Adventures:
Looking for a break from Bejeweled, but still like the gem matching goodness it provides? Jewel Adventures takes the ever familiar style of the jewel matching titan and ships it to the high seas. There are five islands to travel among and more levels available for download. It does not get much simpler than this!

Epic War TD - Full Version:
Who says iOS cannot compete with the big dogs when it comes to games? Epic War provides massive tower defense battle that all run at 60FPS. The game includes ten unique levels with up to 60 waves of battle on each level. The game looks great, runs well, and provides hours of entertainment. Now that is good (FREE) gaming!

Star Blitz:
Wannabe galactic captains can now battle in fantastic space fights without all the crazy flight tests and expensive ship repairs. Players will take part in massive space battles in hopes of defeating the evil Alien Xeno Cluster. Fully customizable ships, Facebook integration, and classic gameplay will make this one interstellar fight space junkies will want to dive into.

Hide and Seek by IMVU:
Gamers that just want to sit down and enjoy a puzzling game of hide and seek can now do so in glorious 3D. Instead of just looking for object on the 2D plane, they are now scattered about the stage in full 3D glory. This means players will need to look behind set pieces in order to discover hidden objects. There are over 20 level to play, each with a varied and unique theme. Waldo who?

FrEEday Vol 45

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 20th, 2011

iQuarterback 2:
iQuarterback 2 allows gamers to step into the shoes of a budding quarterback badass. As a new quarterback, players are tasked with competing in various mini-games that test skills like throwing accuracy, ball control, and agility. Two different game modes will provide plenty to do as gamers look to level up their superstars while unlocking fun items like new environment, mascot heads, and even snowballs!

Candy Train:
Gamers are tasked with guiding a train along a train track in hopes of collecting copious amounts of sweets in Candy Train. The problem is that the train tracks are all kinds of jumbled up. This means players will need to drive the train while also fixing the tracks to collect all the yummy candy. So much candy, so little time.

KungFu Food-Panda:
If slashing fruit and veggies has out stayed its welcome, then it maybe time to slice some mouth watering dinner options. KungFu Food-Panda contains simple, yet familiar, controls. Just swipe a finger across the screen to hack food into tiny bits. There are three different modes to test those dinner hacking skills, and several achievements to unlock. That rice dish was cold anyway.

Reiner Knizia's Yoku-Gami Time Attack:
Time for a challenging new puzzle game. Rules are simple, just select a group of three numbers. If the greatest number in that group equals the sum of all the other number in the group, the turn is deemed successful. Each move will see the numbers disappear and be replenished with new numbers. As the game moves along, the numbers climb higher, thus adding challenge to the game. The game comes with three different modes of play and even a hint of education disguised as fun. This is a game for anyone of any age!

Omega Drive:
Strange cosmic forces have laid waste to most of humanity. Adding to the devastation, an asteroid threatens to wipe out planet earth. It is up to the player to drive through a city full of rubble and debris to activate a laser defense system to save the world. The are plenty of jumps, stunts, and rooftops to enjoy while cruising around. With so much to do, players may forget they are there to save the world and not perform a double barrel roll.

FrEEday Vol 44

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 13th, 2011

Pocket Home:
Gamers who dream of owning their very own McMansion but don't want to pay the exorbitant cost to own one of those cookie cutter homes have a new option. Pocket Home will allows players to design their own house from an array of options. Choose something that best fits a desired lifestyle and then fill it with junk. It is all virtual, so who cares if the couch clashes with the carpet!

Paper Glider Para Drop:
Remember the good times of throwing army men off the tallest slide and watching them glide to safety thanks to a cheap parachute? Now those times can be relived with Paper Glider Para Drop. Choose from 12 different parachute designs and then guide the paper glider safe to the target. Be carful though, deadly campfires await those that glide a bit too far.

Pucca's Restaurant:
The fate of a restaurant rests squarely in the players hand in Pucca's Restaurant. Gamers will start out as a no-name chef and work their way up to world class culinary master status. Design a kitchen that works best, cook through 50 different recipes, and even view how friends are doing with their dining establishments. It is nice when the onions don't trigger sobbing fits!

Archetype Cadet
Need a bit of training before jumping into Archetype? Look no further. Archetype Cadet HD is a training ground designed to hone the skills of players looking to jump into the online shooting sensation. Run through two levels with seven different weapon types in hopes of getting a headshot on one of nine other players. There are no more excuses for bad skills.

Super Ball Escape HD:
Super Ball Escape promises to challenge players skill in balance and agility. Players must control a robot ball and guide him through various mazes in hopes of finding freedom. Marble Madness has grown up!

FrEEday Vol 43

Posted by Chris Nitz on May 6th, 2011

Legends of Yore:
Dungeon crawler addicts, the golden chalice has arrived in the form of Legends of Yore. Various class choices will suit many play styles, while roaming through plenty of dungeons will yield experience, coin, and fat treasures. The game even sports visuals straight from the 8-bit era of gaming greatness. So many dungeons, so little time!

Dojo Breaker is a mixed martial arts fighting game which gamers can duke it out online with one another in either a cooperative fashion, or annihilate each other in this location based game. Players must develop their fighting skills by battling thugs that infest their territory, or look to defend their land from opposing players. Those gamers who enjoy games like Mafia Wars will feel right at home in this brawler.

Nyan Cat!:
Nyan Cat brings on a whole new meaning to space madness with this whimsical and fun game. Players take control of a cat that is flying through space painting stars with its rainbow of happiness. With new game modes on the way, this maybe the most intriguing way to kill a lunch hour any developer has provided.

Office Chaos: Unpaid Overtime:
The IT nightmare has happened with the release of the OMGLOL virus hitting the office network. Not only does this mean every computer in the building is having issues, it also means all the works have been brainwashed to hunt down the one IT worker left in the office. Save this poor slave to the man by knocking out the disgruntled employees with anything within reach. Remember, eye lasers are a truly deadly weapon.

Crazy Tiny Skier HD:
Take one of five crazy skiers to the slopes in hopes of fulfilling their dreams of becoming a Professional Master of Ski-flying sports! Gamers who may enjoy Tiny Wings, but wish to get away from all the bird madness will find plenty here to keep them entertained. With simple controls, 21 ski courses, and addictive game play mechanics, there maybe more time spent on the slopes than on those boring TPS reports.

FrEEday Vol 42

Posted by Chris Nitz on April 29th, 2011

Biolab Disaster:
Take a stroll down nostalgia lane in this jump’n’run style game. There are three levels to explore packed with six types of enemies to nuke into oblivion with your plasma gun. The visual style will take you back to the classic computer gaming days when it was all about great game play and simple visuals. Old games need love too!

Wacky Balls:
Your ball controlling skills will be put to the test in this simple little game. The best part is that the game will randomize levels with obstacles, thus giving you a new challenge no matter how many times you play. Five different power-ups will help you achieve high scores, while the simple game-play mechanics will make this game accessible to players of all skill levels.

Fishing Joy:
Grab your virtual fishing nets; it is time to hit the water for a bit of fishing excitement. Your goal is to catch the most magnificent fish the sea has to offer and turn them in for big rewards. Be careful though, sharks and other obstacles will hinder your fishing mastery. When you just need to relax, turn on the aquarium mode and settle in for a visual feast. Who says you need to be up at the ass crack of dawn for the best fishing?

The Gates of Heaven are under attack from the minions of hell, and it is up to you to defend them in this tower defense game. With 42 levels, six tower types, and seven enemy types, there is plenty to challenge you all day long. Tack on six game modes and high scores to master and you have enough to get you through any boring meeting.

You know you want to sail the seven seas and sport a sexy peg leg. Ok, so maybe you won’t be sailing and enjoying the company of a talking parrot, but you will be defending your virtual pirate ship while decimating your enemies. Use special arms, ammunition, and upgrade your ship to be the master of the sea. The game is packed full of fun and humor that everyone can enjoy!

FrEEday Vol 41

Posted by Chris Nitz on April 22nd, 2011

Blind World 2:
This is one of the more unique puzzle games you will find on the App Store. Instead of matching three items or flinging poultry from slingshots, you spin a world while painting colors in hopes to reach a predetermined point value by racking up huge scores. Free roaming objects and bumps in the road will stop you from busting out massive scoring multipliers. New themes, more levels, and relaxing gameplay make this a game any puzzle fanatic should look at.

You take on the role of Chupacabra, a ravenous creature looking to fill its empty belly with as many goats as possible. To do this, you will need to jump over terrifying cliffs, evade enemies, and rein terror on any village you can. Simple controls keep you going while super powers make you the most terrifying creature of the night. The goats don’t stand a chance.

War 2 Victory:
War 2 Victory brings the immensely popular browser based MMO strategy game onto iOS. The game includes 30 historically accurate World War II units, turn-based gameplay, and a wide variety of ways to crush your enemies. With hundreds of people around the world just waiting to play, why not form a powerful alliance with friends and lay waste to thy enemy.

Rule the Sky:
It is time to take your farming skills into the clouds. Rule the Sky gives you your very own floating island to cultivate however you best see fit. With plenty of crops and buildings to litter your little piece of heaven, there is plenty to keep you busy. Throw in a little bit of social networking and you have a huge time sink that may actually pull you away from Zombie Farm.

Men vs Machines:
The machines have finally risen up and are looking to end the rein of man. It is up to you and your friends to fight for human survival in this twin stick shooter. Those of you who like Steampunk style visuals are in for a bonus as this game is stuffed to the brim with industrial goodness. Grab your weapons and closest friends; it is time to bring down the wrath of the machines.

FrEEday Vol 40

Posted by Chris Nitz on April 8th, 2011

Simply Find It:
If you are looking for something that is extremely simple, yet provides a great challenge, then look no further. Simply Find It is a puzzle game in which you must find the differences between two beautiful photos. You can unlock even more photos when you gain access to the endless and vs. modes. This is a great way to relax while challenging yourself to some gaming!

Timbers Axe:
Timbers Axe is a line drawing game in which you must help Timber Joey defend his precious rose garden from invaders. Just draw a line from Timber Joey to the rose loving foes to chuck an axe and end their miserable lives. There are seven intense levels to battle through, and these are topped off with a few special powers for the garden lover himself. Who says burly men can’t enjoy a nice rose garden?

Palm Heroes 2:
If you like the Heroes PC games of the past, then Palm Heroes 2 has a little something special for you. This turn-based strategy game will throw players into a world of fantasy and adventure. As you lead your hero through epic battles, your kingdom will grow, new lands will be discovered, and powerful foes will look to destroy you and your kingdom. Prepare for hours of retro style fun!

Parachute Plummet:
Parachute Plummet takes the jumping game and turns it around. You are free falling through the air and need to slow your decent by falling through clouds. Your goal is to hit a safe 25mph before you crash into the ground. Obstacles like planes and birds will further complicate this task, thus forcing you to react quickly if you hope to survive. Next time, pack a parachute.

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt:
LEGO has recently released a completely new line of ninja themed building sets. Part of the draw to these is a new spinning battle game. Now you can battle it out on your iPhone! Just tap your ninja to get him spinning like mad, and then tilt your device to crush your enemies. As you win battles, you will earn coins to buy new weapons and armor for your hero. Go ahead; let your inner child burst out in excitement!

Favorite Four - Apps to Track Daily Free App Promos

Posted by Chantelle Joy Duxbury on April 6th, 2011

If you're a fan of our weekly FREEday posts, or a subscriber to the Price Drops list here on 148apps then you'll definitely want to read ahead as I rundown the best apps that will help you stay on top of current and limited time free promotions on the App Store.


The newest app on the Daily Free app scene, AppAllStar focuses mainly on game apps and promises to give a daily list of non-lite, full versions of apps away on promotion for a limited time. I really enjoy the user interface within this app, offering a calendar so you can see upcoming releases as well. It's a free app, so you've got nothing to loose by downloading and trying it out - except maybe some personal information. The iTunes rankings show a bit of discontent about the disclaimer that comes along with this app. Lets just hope they're using the info about what games get downloaded most often to bring us better options in the future.

Free App A Day

This is the big-daddy, the most popular Daily Free app site and app. While ad supported, you'll get a daily recommendation for free apps. I personally find the layout a bit more trying, but the paid version is slightly better. Also in the paid version you'll find an entire section devoted to non-game apps (for those of us that don't exclusively use our iOS device for games). Whichever version you get, some of the top-name apps have used FreeAppADay.com to promote their games, so it's pretty well known you're going to get quality recommendations and downloads with FAAD.

Game Channel by OpenFeint

Before Apple decided to built their own in-house Game Center, OpenFeint reined supreme as the best leaderboard/multiplayer in-app addition to make makes more interactive and personal. While it's still very popular it also launched it's own Free Daily App service early in the year, and has become one of the most popular in the App Store. What's more is they also promotes 'Fire Sale's so that you'll find that games that are on sale as well. The app is one of the best designed in this category, easy and fun to use. You've got to try this one out.

App Shopper

For those who might not be as interested in simply downloading whatever is free each day, but want to spend some time comparing their options, I highly suggest App Shopper. Offering a list of what's on sale, the ability search by category (brilliant - simply my favorite part), compiling a wish list, and many more useful features, this is by far more useful and functional that the others. While it is free, it's also ad supported with the option to upgrade to the non-ad version for only $0.99 as an in-app purchase. For the slightly more discriminating app-aholics this is a great tool to have in your pocket.

Don't forget to check with our RSS Feeds for fantastic info about Free Games and Price Drops or if you're serious, and want to get info as quick as possible, definitely follow @148apps_pdrops on Twitter! Have a fantastic and fun week with all your new free apps!

FrEEday Vol 39

Posted by Chris Nitz on April 1st, 2011

Contract Killer:
You go by many names, but you are a deadly contract killer. You will face a world full of bounty hunters, mobsters, and criminals as you play through the 17 story missions. Carefully choose from the 20 different weapons, as taking out your target must be done with finesse. Just as you think you have pulled off your mission with success, you may walk right into an ambush. The life of a killer is hard; do you have what it takes?

Big Time Gangsta:
Time to work your way up through the criminal ranks until you one day rule the city of Mission Hill. To do this you will need to build up your gang with the toughest bunch of Street Soldiers available. Equip your minions with an arsenal of deadly weapons and take to the streets to build up your empire, one rival gang at a time. It is going to take a lot of cold cash and hard fought battles to rule this city.

Agent Origin:
Stick figures just got a bit more badass with their martial arts skills. Agent Origin tasks you with fighting criminals by beating them down with your mystical powers of Soobakdo. It is up to you to save the city from the evil Dotori Gang. Oh yeah, and you sport a sexy red cape while crushing the hopes and dreams of your enemy.

If you only have a few minutes to crawl through a dungeon, then SmallRPG is for you. You do battle throughout a tower in hopes to defeat the evil king awaiting your arrival. Along the way you will battle through 50 kinds of monsters in hopes of acquiring something magical from the 70 different pieces of equipment and items. As time passes your HP and MP will recover, thus allowing you to destroy even more enemies. No grinding here!

Mike Tyson – Main Event:
Sadly, this is not the Mike Tyson game we have all come too know and love from the Nintendo days. However, this is a fun and quirky boxing game. You will earn RockCash after every win, and then use it to hone you boxing skills to become the true boxing legend you were meant to be. It is going to take a lot of thumb work to take out the champ!

FrEEday Vol 38

Posted by Chris Nitz on March 25th, 2011

Shoot Monsters AR:
Take augmented reality games to a funny monster filled world. This game not only lets you battle monsters in your cubicle, but it also lets you use photos on your iPhone to create new stages. Three modes of play give you plenty to do while you hunt monsters in every nook and cranny of your office. Perfect for those long Monday afternoons!

Real Shooter:
Real Shooter takes the augmented shooting game and combines it with tactile warfare. This game brings in real guns, a military like mission setting, and locations limited only by your imagination. If you have fantasies of living out Call of Duty like sessions, this is the game for you.

The 80’s are making a comeback! No, you don’t need to run out looking for stonewash jeans or dig through your closet looking for your New Kids on the Block mix tape. However, your reflexes and memory will be challenged with this virtual game of Simon. Leaderboard and achievements give you plenty to aim for as you hone your skills. This may look simple, but it challenged many kids during their recess sessions!

Blackjack 88:
Need a quick game of Blackjack, but don’t have anyone to play against? Blackjack 88 has your card gaming fix. The game includes large casino like cards, an easy to use interface, and even Game Center support. You can leave your bag of dimes at home, as this only requires virtual currency.

Glam Joe Ultimate:
This game carries a rather daring tagline. It claims that only 5 out of 100 people can get through all 40 levels. The challenge is to push boxes around a maze. Players must get the boxes to predetermined areas, but the boxes may only be pushed around the stage. Each stage increases the difficulty and promises to challenge even the most intellectual gamer. Are you one of those 5 people?