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Rick O'Shea Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Oliver Haslam on December 7th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: Ready-Aim-Fire!
Firing a jolly fellow from cannon to cannon has never been so fun!
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FrEEday Vol 64

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 28th, 2011

Dark Fury:
Getting sick and tired of always seeing the good guys win every battle known to man? If so, then it is time to get ready to show those pesky heroes a thing or two. Players will build squads of minions and lead them into battle to reclaim loot, like epic weapons, and bring it back home. There are over 50 different minion classes to choose from and 100+ unique quests to complete. Go ahead and enjoy this RPG that shows that even evil characters are fun to play.

TapCommand Soccer:
Soccer is more than just getting a ball down field and into a net, it is about ball control and faking out the opponent in order to move into scoring range. This game puts the player in this rush to move the ball. Opponents will stream in from various portions of the screen and the player will need to perform the right feint to keep the ball moving while evading difficult blocking formations. The more feints performed the better the moves become. Who says soccer games have to be complicated and difficult to play?

Crazy Moto Special:
Excitebike may never find its way to iOS, but that does not mean clones of this popular title cannot fill the void. This game brings realistic physics, 80 levels spread across four varied worlds, and a highly destructible motor bike. Players need to get in touch with their inner racer in order to master big jumps, difficult puzzles, and arrive at the finish line in one piece. Don't worry, there is a practice mode to help get acclimated to the challenges ahead.

City Pursuit!:
Time to make a mad dash across some of the most famous cities in the world. The task at hand is not an easy run as players need to grab all the cash they can while avoiding obscene amounts of obstacles and outrunning the police. Simple controls make this accessible for players of all ages to pickup and enjoy.

Infinity Bricks:
Breakout is a classic game of bouncing a projectile around the screen and using it to bust blocks. This classic formula receives a 3D make over while adding in a bit of gravity to the mix to challenge players and their skills. There are 20 levels to work through and a global leader board to post high scores to. So retro, so good.

FrEEday Vol 63

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 21st, 2011

Ghost Chicken:
Oh how the Halloween apps art starting to pour onto the app store. Ghost Chicken is one app following this spooky theme, but this game will test the speed and skill of any player willing to partake in its puzzling fun. Players need to stretch a chicken's head to gobble up all the corn scattered about the stage before time expires. While navigating the stages, players will also need to avoid the hungry bugs that would love a piece of chicken for dinner. There are four difficulty modes to bring on several replays. But don't ostriches stick their heads in holes?

DaVinci Quest:

Is it possible to meld a run-of-the-mill coin-push game with a combat game and make it enjoyable? The answer is yes, yes it is. This game allows players to battle coin-loving Jesters, Bandits with swords, and even powerful Bandit Bosses. Players will need to harness the powers of features like rage mode, combos, and of course defenses to beat this game. There are several characters to unlock and special skills and styles to master. Addictive is the name of the game here.

Family Feud & Friends:

Get ready to challenge friends on Facebook, as well as other Family Feud & Friends owners, to one of the most popular quiz games around. Players will need to come up with the most popular answers to survery questions posed to 100 people. There are thousands of questions to answer, 'Fast Money' play, and even the original theme music and scoreboard bring a touch of authenticity to this game. Now all we need is a Price is Right game!

Thundersword Across the Sky:

Those gamers that love swords, explosions, and rainbows have found their iOS pot of gold. Players take control of a sword that flies across the sky, imagine that, in hopes of collecting gems to transcend the space-time continuum. The path to going down in the history books is full of birds, tiki-men, and robots that all explode on contact. It will take some quick wits to master this game and go down the path to eternal glory.

Columns HD:

Columns is possibly one of the most popular match three games in existence and now it finds its way to iOS. Multicolored columns fall from the top of the screen and players will need to match three of the same color (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to keep the screen from filing up. Add on high scoring combos and six themes and this will grip players to keep trying to master this seemingly easy game. 

FrEEday Vol 62

Posted by Chris Nitz on October 14th, 2011

World of Star:

If video games are any indication of what space is like, well, humanity is in for some pretty rough battles. World of Star is an online sci-fi strategy game where players pick one of three races (human, alien, and spirit), establish a base, and attempt to take out their neighbors. This game comes with over 45 buildings, 30 battle units, 600 quests, and hundreds of players online to duke it out against. It is deadly out in the black, but surely there is someone who can lead the human race to victory.

Players take on the role of G.One in this top-down 3D arcade action game. G.One is tasked with defending the world against the ungodly wrath of a strange creation by the name of Ra.One and his minions. The mission itself is simple: survive the hordes of enemies and bring Ra.One to his knees. Upgrades for weapons and armor will help make this task slightly easier, but it will come down to mad skills to save the world yet again.

Cannon Ball:

Cannons and Pandas, what more needs saying?!? How about enjoying a massive battle in which players will take turns firing cannons at one another in hopes they can successfully lay waste to the opponent's fortress. Bonuses go to those that claim a perfect victory, or those who narrowly avoid defeat. Invite friends off Game Center and let the battle begin. Loser buys lunch!

Forever Drive:

Like racing and have a bit of a creative streak, then this game is just what the doctor ordered. Start playing by designing some of the most beautiful, winding, and gorgeous race tracks with just a few touches thanks to the streamlined in-game track editor. The creativity does not stop there as car customization is just as important, and therefore plenty of paint and license plate options are available for tweaking. After all of that, hit the unique track and race like no tomorrow while leveling up as the miles pile on, thus unlocking more cars and more options for fun. There are infinite possibilities tucked into this game.

Q Pang:

Q Pang brings plenty of adorable enemies and charming player characters in this shoot-and-kill adventure game. The usual weapons like machine guns and lasers make an appearance but then there are also off the wall battlements like a cake gun. Yeah, a cake gun! All weapons come with a variety of upgrades to aid in the alien slaughter, of which there are 14 varieties to bring down. It maybe quirky and a bit odd, but when was the last time anyone had this much fun blasting evil aliens with tasty cake?!?

Chronicles of Merlin Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Chris Nitz on October 14th, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: RULE THY NEIGHBOR
Combining online strategy, role-playing elements, and a unique fantasy setting, Chronicles of Merlin is an entertaining game that provides plenty of cheap thrills and excitement.
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FrEEday Vol 60

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 30th, 2011

Slam Dunk King:
There is now an alternative for when rain, sleet, or snow cancels time on the basketball courts, and that is Slam Dunk King. This game will challenge players to prove they are the master of the courts by performing insane trick drunks and smooth moves. Players will need to harness the unique mascot power-ups, chain together over a dozen tricks, and prove they are worthy of the title of king. There are three modes to play, several unlockables, and tons of action. Who's master of the court now, punk?

Boss Battles:
Boss Battles is a top-down shooter where players will take on missions to hunt down and destroy renegades of the galaxy. To do this, players will need to upgrade their ship with collected space gems while calling on the power of their skill and dexterity to destroy the horrific enemies. There are eight bosses, five difficulty levels, and plenty of upgrades to keep this game addicting and enjoyable for hours on end. One round is all it'll take to sink those addicting hooks into unsuspecting victims.

Remember playing the Telephone game from back in the day? Well, the hilarity of messing up messages and blaming someone else for screwing it up has made its way to iOS, but with a twist. Teledraw starts by giving a player a phrase, the next person must draw out that phrase, and the following player will try to describe the phrase. It is like Pictionary married Telephone, and this is the party game that spawned.

Fleets War:
Fleets War takes a dash or role-playing and sprinkles it with some strategy, and throws is all into a naval warfare cake. Players will be creating fleets of classic naval ships and heading to battle in this turn-based strategy game. As pirates, monsters, and evil forces are conquered, experience is earned and used for upgrading the fleet into a devastating naval force. With over 40 ship classes to pick from, and 50 unique quests, there will be a lot of time spent on the high seas.

Minecraft maybe months away from its iOS release, but that has not stopped fans from bringing the explore and create addiction to iOS. Mooncraft puts players on the moon where they will explore, build, and become hopelessly addicted. Harvest alien trees, build a shelter, decipher clues from enemy astronauts, and create exotic technological items. The landscape is endless, the gaming possibilities endless, and the addiction through the roof. Good luck putting this one down.

Tesla Wars HD Review

By Chris Nitz on September 28th, 2011
Tesla Wars will challenge players by requiring quick reflexes and even tougher decisions. One wrong move can mean disaster.
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FrEEday Vol 59

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 23rd, 2011

e3D: Vault:
Players will have a measly five minutes to steal some precious gems and escape the sealed vault in this puzzle game. Players will need to find several objects and combine them, MacGyver style, to aid in their quest. Even if escape is attainable, players will not be able to leave until they have collected every item necessary for the task at hand. Players can even post their best times on GameCenter and see if their friends can beat them. Being a thief is so much work, yet so mind-bendingly fun!

Samurai Pig:
Pigs are once again on the war path, and this time they are tasked with saving their fellow brethren from the big bad wolves. It is put to the player to solve various puzzles in the physics-based game. Flying pigs, samurai outfits, and whimsical settings will give anyone a smile while they try to solve the challenging puzzles ahead. If only there was a bacon code!

Control and Conquest:
This game takes location-based game play and blends in a bit of role-playing. Sure, players can sit on the couch and level up, but the best loot and experiences are unlocked by roaming the town. Who knows, the battle maybe with the next-door neighbor and their minion they acquired at the local deli. It is a rough world out there, and it can only be tamed with fireballs and battle axes.

Hero's Way:
Side scrolling arcade-role playing has never looked so good, or been so packed with features, and all for free. This game will send players through 60 levels of monsters, ghosts, and ghouls, all while allowing them to upgrade hero stats, battle bosses, and enhancing items and weapons with magical gems. A random level generator will keep stages fresh and intriguing for future replays. This is one easy game to get into, yet it will consume hours of time, all in the name of entertainment.

Cities of the Dead:
Time to hit the streets once more for another location based game, only this time it will be to fight zombies. This game will put players in a fight for their lives as they cut down the zombie horde while searching for other survivors right in their home town. Encounters and events will change depending on real world venues, customization skills, perks, and special character appearances will drive players deep into the heart of town. Remember gamers, zombies always end up at the hospital, so it is best to go there well-prepared for a deadly battle. Just a tip.

FrEEday Vol 58

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 16th, 2011

Paper Zombie:
That's right, more zombies, but this time they are papercraft zombies, so that makes them cool. Paper Zombie takes a bit of the shooter genre, blends it with some strategy, and kicks out a game of fast action that will require some planning in order to survive. Players will cut, shoot, and launch their way through waves of the undead, all in brilliant 3D glory. There is even the ability to jump onto Facebook, zombify all those "friends," and then pull them into the game. Break out those boomsticks, this is going to be a wild ride!

Plushed Gold Fever:
Players will take the role of a lone toy horse who is tasked with saving all the Plush Toys that have been scattered all over the Wild West thanks to the Voodoo Mouse. As players save the doomed toys, they will earn Plushed Coins, thus allowing them to unlock new shop items that will aid in their quest. There are three game modes and over 30 Plush Toys to save. This will surely keep players busy over their lunch break. The visuals are not half bad either!

Tilt Circus:
Those gamers who think they are the masters of tilt may finally have found their match in Tilt Circus. The game will challenge players to elude lasers, survive bombs, and avoid a great many traps. Only the fastest players will earn the right to be called Master of Tilt in this challenging game of skill.

Bird Smash:
The pigs finally get some well deserved revenge in Bird Smash. The birds have destroyed the blue pig's village and he is out to seek some vengeance by destroying as many birds as possible. Players will be flicking, shooting, and tilting their way to a bird-free world. As birds are obliterated, money is earned, thus allowing upgrades to more powerful weapons. It is going to take some quick wits to down challenging bosses and utilize the various weather elements as well. Who says birds have all the glory?!?!

Put on that straw hat and clean off the bib overalls, because it is time to head back to the fantasy farm. Only this time, it is not carrots and taters that will be harvested, but dragons! Players will create a park full of cute and friendly dragons by hatching, feeding and caring for them as they grow to adulthood. There are dozens of dragons to grow and train, and even friends can come in and help with all the chores that are necessary to keep things running smoothly. This just maybe the most beautiful setting to sit and lose hours of time to yet.

FrEEday Vol 57

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 9th, 2011

Lazy Frog:
Ever been out walking around and stumble upon a frog so lazy it would not hop away? Well, those lazy frogs have finally found their use in a free game from Chenzo Park. Lazy Frogs is all about catching bugs and staying airborne as long as possible, all with a mere flick of the tongue. As players get better at collecting bugs, more frog types - such as the Ninja, Alien, and Devil - become available. With three game modes to suck away the hours, there is plenty to enjoy, minus all the slime covered hands of fondling a real frog.

Sour Patch Kids: Sour Fling:
These may not be the Sour Patch Kids for eating, but they are suitable for playing. Players will fling these sticky virtual candies across 70 levels of varying difficulties and scenarios. Players will need to collect as many Sour Patch Kids while avoiding enemies like the Gum Monster, a hot light bulb, or even a lake full of juice capable of melting these gummy tykes. This may be just enough to make people want to run out and buy the actual candies the game is based on!

Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia FREE:
Got an itch for some RPG action, but don't know what to buy to fill that need? Exitium provides just a taste of the sweet nectar of their full game. Players can choose from four playable classes to try to save a land covered in turmoil and war. An extraordinary number of quests and side missions will keep players busy for hours. If this RPG manages to become an addiction, the full game can be unlocked and no progress gets wasted! Go ahead, take a dip in the RPG pool, the water is nice and warm!

Sea Battle - Mission Battleship:
Battleship is a game that requires superior fleet formations and exquisite aiming skills. This classic battle game is once again re-imagined on iOS, and it is free to boot. Players can take on a challenging AI during those long train rides home, or they can challenge friends and settle who will buy the next round of drinks. No matter how the game is enjoyed, it will bring back plenty of memories of laying on the floor yelling out, "You sunk my battleship!" and throwing the game across the room in anger. Try not to throw the iPhone, however, as it is much more expensive!

Word to Word:
Word games continue to evolve, and now a new word association game is ready to grip word smiths. Word to Word is a simple, yet addictive, word association game. Players will need to match two words together. They may be opposites, mean the same thing, or even be compound words. As the puzzles tick away, the word combinations get more challenging with multiple matches becoming the norm, but there is still only one solution to solve the puzzle. No dictionary is necessary, just a good amount of puzzle solving skills!

Lightning Fast, Collaborative Note Taking With Rocketr

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on September 9th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

We're not sure what happened to the final "e" in this app's name, but it's hard to fault developers from falling prey to the Web 2.0 naming conventions that seem to be a near constant in our connected world.

That being said, the unfortunately named Rocketr is a note taking app with a few unique features. For one, the app promises to let note takers create note after note, and navigate between them without ever leaving the comfort of the keyboard, something not often seen in the touchscreen enabled app-iverse. In addition, Rocketr allows for collaborative notetaking by adding "Editors" to any note document in the app via the Rocketr website. These named Editors will then be able to see changes sync in real time with all other Editors. Let the team document editing begin! Even more unique, the app allows users to publish public notebooks to the web, tweet or email directly into Rocketr, and download notes from the web at any time.

The app syncs with the Rocketr website, to allow for cloud-based synchronization of Rocketr notes. But wait! There's more!

Note-taking Features
* Create text notes
* Email notes into Rocketr by sending to [email protected]
* Tweet notes into Rocketr by using the hashtag #rkt in tweets
* Auto-synchronizes your notes to the web
* Search notes (only supported on web version for now)
* Download all your notes, anytime, from the web version

Collaboration Features
* Add as many people to a notebook as you like (we call them “Editors”)
* Create an unlimited number of public notebooks that the world can see
* Make notebooks private (viewable by you and your editors)
* Comment on other people’s notes (only supported on web version for now)

Rocketr is free, it's now, it's in the App Store. Why are you still here?


SportStream Football Brings Real Time Football News To iOS

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on September 9th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

That's right, football fans, SportStream Football provides quick, real-time access to footbal news, updates, scores, live tweets and game highlight alerts right as they occur. Fantasy football fans will surely agree that this is could be their secret weapon - all the football data they can lay their little iOS fingers on.

SportStream Football allows users to choose their favorite team or teams, read up on Fantasy Football news, opt in to push notifications for game events, check in to games, post comments to Twitter about scoring alerts, view detailed stats info, and more.

Features include:
• Top Football News
• Game check-ins, alerts and progressive scores
• Fantasy News
• Injury Report
• Tweet your comments directly from alerts
• Plus, a news channel for every team!

Seriously, what more do football superfans need? SportStream Football is published by Seattle and San Francisco based Evri, a company focused on pulling together deep content streams about specific content across the internet and providing it to their users via the web and iOS.

SportStream is available now in the App Store for free.


FrEEday Vol 56

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 2nd, 2011

Victors United:
Arm Chair Commanders can now play something when the significant other threatens to go outside and perhaps have a life. Victors United is a 24hr turn based strategy game in which players try to take over the world, Risk style. Connect to Facebook and challenge those "friends" that were added to help out with farming duties, or just trash talk the opponents. Either way, this is a globe spanning game and will require the best of tactics to rise to the top of the leaderboards!

Crimson: Steam Pirates:
What happens when Jordan Weisman (creator of MechWarrior, Crimson Skies, and Shadowrun) gets together with Bungie Aerospace over a few cold brews? Easy, they design a game for iOS just for the fun of it. Players will command a Steampunk inspired fleet in this turn-based strategy action game. There are dozens of ships, subs, and airships to command as players try to lay waste to the evil pirate, Thomas Blood. Elegant, fun, and challenging are served up right here.

Super Drill Panic:
Super Drill Panic is bringing retro arcade fun to iOS. The game features various levels in which the player must grab as many coins and items as possible, all while running away from a boulder that wants to paint the walls red with the life blood of the main character. Of course a boulder is far too easy to escape from, but lasers, razors, and falling blocks add to the challenge. The game may start easy, but it will soon test the patience of all good gamers.

Star Legends (3D MMO):
Read that title one more time and let it sink in! That's right, an MMO right on iOS, and even better - it's set to a SciFi theme. Star Legends will take players on a journey through hijacked space ships, alien infested asteroids, and mysterious science labs in need of exploring. All this while leveling and playing with other people from all over the globe, even on a 3G connection. Best of all, all players connect to the same game world, so there is no need to make multiple characters to play with all those new friends. Why can't PC MMOs get this right?

Bounce the Bunny:
Take one crazy rabbit, add in some magical bouncy bubbles, and let the insane fun begin. Just give the bunny a kick to get him going, and help him bounce his way to the end of the level, ever mindful to not let him fall into the deadly waters. With over 60 levels, unlockable upgrades, unique and colorful worlds, and so much more, what more could a gamer on the go want? Sometimes, simple addictions are all anyone needs to get through the long, agonizing workday.

FrEEday Vol 55

Posted by Chris Nitz on August 26th, 2011

Naught takes the gravity physics game into the monochrome world, and then adds in a cutesy cat as the hero. Players are challenged with tilting, rotating, and probably throwing their devices as they try to navigate this perilous world of dark and scary creatures. Those who would rather keep their sanity can choose from two other control schemes, but that would dilute the fun and frustration of this artistically beautiful game.

Monster Mouth DDS:
Let's face it, nobody enjoys going to the dentist and sitting in a chair while their teeth get blasted, scraped, and cleaned all in the name of good health. However, those players that have an itch to fill the role of a mad dentist finally have the perfect opportunity. The only downside is that instead of cleaning somewhat palatable human teeth, players get the joys of scrubbing some nasty monster mouths, full of plaque, slime, and weird creature like cavities. This is not a game for those with a weak stomach, that much is for sure.

Billiard Chain:
Players addicted to games like Zuma, yet needed something a little different have a nice surprise. Billiard Chain takes the familiarity of Zuma, but paints it with a fun billiard setting. Players will be using a pool cue to launch their balls into a non-stop stream of cue balls. Even better, there is no need to head to a smokey bar, or fend off the local drunk with a chair in this game. Safety is our number one concern, after all!

KungFu Food:
Those players that are sick of slicing fruits and veggies, yet still need to get their samurai action on need not look any further. KungFu Food is all about slicing and dicing food, only this time it is junk food like cola, burgers, steaks, and even salads. Those who are counting calories can even play Calorie Mode and shed fat….virtually.

Emissary of War:
Players take on the role of an emissary who has but one last mission in their journey to complete. A single treaty that needs to be brokered is all that remains, yet life has a way of screwing this up. It is now up to the player to hack and slash their way through legions of mercenaries and monsters who want nothing more than to put the hero in a six foot deep hole. Who will save this troubled land?

Kno for iPad Available on Facebook, Adds Two New Features, Gives Away $1M Textbooks

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on August 12th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Kno for iPad comes to Facebook, giving away over $1,000,000 in free textbooks for use in its app and on Facebook itself. Two new features, Quiz Me and Journal, have just been added to the iPad app as well.

Kno for Facebook is an HTML 5 Facebook app that will let users with a Kno account to read their purchased textbooks right in their Facebook account environment. Never again will the poor college student miss a Farmville request! Kno is giving away their $1,000,000 via a Facebook Spin The Wheel game, where players can win up to $50 in credits to spend at Kno.com.

The iPad app gets two new features today: Journal and Quiz Me. The Journal feature is an activity stream that collects all the highlights, text notes, audio notes, textbook images or photos taken with the iPad 2 camera. Hopefully these private notes, ostensibly for studying for exams, will become shareable with other students.

The Quiz Me feature allows students to create a quiz out of any labeled image in a textbook, blanking out the labels and assisting students with their studying.

College students know that the student life is financially draining. Being at the beginning of perhaps a lucrative career choice doesn't lead to too many monetary options when it comes down to it. Unless there are scholarships, student loans, or parents willing to help out, rising tuition and textbook costs continue to drain the resources of all but a few wealthy individuals. Plus, paper textbooks are really heavy.

Kno for iPad aims to change the textbook portion of the equation. Released quietly in June, Kno is a textbook app that charges 30% - 50% off the cover price of over 100,00 textbooks for higher education students.

The app itself allows users to organize textbooks and other PDF files into courses, navigate pages and chapters via search and thumbnail, and add notes and highlights to the text itself. Facebook and Twitter are directly integrated, natch, and is out now for a total price of FREE.