Zombie Highway 2 Review
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Zombie Highway 2 Review

Our Review by Lee Hamlet on October 10th, 2014
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Get ready to hit the hazardous highway again in this upgraded, but just as addictive, apocalyptic sequel.

Developer: Auxbrain

Price: FREE
Version Reviewed: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPad mini Retina

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Overall Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar
Hey There, Zombie Apocalypse Survivors: Can't shake those pesky (and hungry) cadavers from your vehicle? Then check out our Zombie Highway 2 survival guide!

The proper sequel (after the Driver's Ed spin-off) to the excellent and, at the time, revolutionary driving survival game Zombie Highway is here to satisfy all of our zombie hit-and-run needs.

The basic gameplay mechanics from the original remain, albeit with a new level of polish, cinematic flair, and top-quality sound effects thrown in. Zombie Highway 2 supports the new Metal graphics tool as well, so I recommend downloading the enhanced textures and lighting when prompted since it really casts the game in a new light (pun intended).

There are some notable new additions though, especially the changing landscapes and variety of areas to drive through. There's a greater emphasis placed on the driving aspect this time around, as players weave though wrecked vehicles and around blocked lanes on the highway. The addition of tunnel sections add a heightened sense of suspense to gameplay, as the headlights become the only source of light to spot zombies and dodge wrecked cars. We have the addition of a nitrous boost, for those moments when there are 4 fat zombies trying to tip the car and players are within reach of that distance objective. There are also some new heavily-armoured zombies to contend with, as well as the zombified versions of Game Center friends whose high scores have been smashed, which is a nice personal touch.

Upon reaching the Survivor ranking, players will be able to access the daily challenge mode. This mode will provide them with more specific tasks, each carrying a reward of the golden coin variety, which is pivotal for unlocking more vehicles and those expensive but fearsome weapons (I'm still saving for that laser rifle).

It would be nice if the starting points (and not just the layout of the roads) were randomized rather than having to start in the desert, enter the checkpoint, cross the highway, and so on, time and time again. Also, a quick reload button for the currently-equipped weapon would feel more intuitive and natural than having to open the weapon mini-menu every time. Hopefully the different weather settings will also be introduced soon, as they were in the first game. Still, Zombie Highway 2 successfully builds on its solid foundations, resulting in a sequel that fans and newcomers will be consumed by (much like a zombie feasting on human flesh, really).

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