Tabletop Defense Review
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Tabletop Defense Review

Our Review by Michael Carattini on March 21st, 2013
Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: DEFEND YOUR TABLE
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Tabletop Defense is a unique tower defense game requiring strategic placement of weapons in order to defend against attacks from both land and air units.

Developer: Immanitas Entertainment
Price: $1.99
Version: 1.0
App Reviewed on: iPhone 5
Graphics / Sound Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar
User Interface Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Re-use / Replay Value Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar

The tower-defense genre is packed with a variety of games, some better than others. Tabletop Defense is absolutely one of the better titles. In this game, players must defend their coffee table from enemy attack by placing weapons along the enemy's path. While it doesn't have the highest quality graphics, the strategic gameplay makes it a challenging app worth checking out.

This is one of those tower defense games that forces the player to place towers at predefined locations on the map. This can prove to be quite annoying and restricting for some, but regardless, the game is still entertaining and challenging. There are some weapons that are just not effective at some locations, so players have to use trial and error to figure out where the best spots are.

There are five weapons and seven enemies in the game. While this seems like a small amount, I'm sure the developer will introduce more of each in future updates. Players will build weapons such as guns, cannons, and flaks. Enemy units include both land vehicles and aircraft. Before the first wave of units attacks, the path of the aircraft is revealed, so players know where to place the anti-aircraft weapons.

There are ten waves of enemy units and players have ten lives before they lose the game. Each enemy unit that gets to the end of the run takes away one life. To prevent the enemy units from getting all the way to the end of the run, weapon towers need to be strategically placed along the path. Some are more powerful than others and each one may be upgraded, so as to inflict more damage upon the enemy.

The graphics and sound effects are simple, yet appropriate for this style of game. One suggestion would be to give players the ability to rotate the view 360 degrees. While not completely necessary, it would be nice to have the option to see the map from all points of view. Also, one of the features allows players to view the battle from a weapon's point of view. While this is a neat capability, it would be even better if players could also manually fire a weapon from this viewpoint.

Tabletop Defense is a solid tower defense game worth checking out. Hopefully we'll see some nice updates and improvements in the future.

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