Joe Danger Infinity Review
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Joe Danger Infinity Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on January 9th, 2014
Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: DANGEROUSLY FUN
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With the controls improved and niggling issues cast aside, Joe Danger is back and better than ever.

Developer: Hello Games
Price: $2.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0.5
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 5

Graphics / Sound Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar
Game Controls Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar
Replay Value Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar

The joy that can be had by playing Joe Danger is a tricky one to quantify. Anyone who's played it on a console or PC can confidently say that it's terrific fun, though. It was the kind of terrific fun that didn't entirely translate when first coming to iOS in the form of Joe Danger Touch, thanks to touch controls that didn't quite work as well as expected. That's all gone when it comes to Hello Games's latest release, Joe Danger Infinity, with everything feeling that bit sharper and better.

While the name suggests an Endless Runner of sorts, Joe Danger Infinity maintains the level-based structure that's worked so well for the series before. It does have the nice minor flourish of leading players straight into the next stage automatically though, giving the air of endlessness. Naming conventions aside, Joe Danger Infinity is great fun; gently introducing players to the key concepts before ramping up the difficulty suitably well.

It's a familiar experience with players controlling Joe as he jumps, ducks and occasionally spins his way through various, brief levels. Joe Danger Infinity has a few tricks up its sleeve though in the form of new vehicles, as well as new characters. New vehicles is the big thing here, being a significant addition to the tried and tested formula. Tanks, rubber ducks, fireworks, and many more vehicles can be used here, and it's great to see such imagination at work. The firework in particular is quite the delight, albeit often quite challenging to keep up with.

It's a great example of the creativity that Hello Games always manage to include in its titles, and quite reminiscent of the likes of the Micro Machines games of the 90s. With nearly 100 levels to tackle there's a plethora of content to dive into, and always a reason to return to earlier stages thanks to the three-star style system rewarding players for completing levels 100%. Often, levels require the collection of all coins, collectibles, as well as perfecting various jumps and ducks, giving plenty of reason to replay. And yes, tricks are now smoother to pull off and less infuriating than before.

Later stages in particular will certainly challenge, ensuring that there's plenty of longevity to this title. In-app purchases exist but they're fairly easy to avoid, merely aiding the player through a series of boosts if they so wish.

Reminding players of what can work so well on iOS, as well as making amends for the issues that Joe Danger Touch suffered from, ensures that Joe Danger Infinity is a true delight.

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