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Your Ghost Stories Review

Our Review by Jason Wadsworth on October 21st, 2011
Rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: HAUNTING
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This app has enough scary stories to keep the fright going night after night.

Developer: The App Sack

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Version Reviewed: 1.1
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 3GS

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Sometimes we just need a scary story. Whether it's Halloween time, camping, a late night get together, or just a random spooky mood, everyone needs a good haunting tale once in a while. Your Ghost Stories puts over a thousand scary stories (with 8,000 more on the way) within reach, wherever and whenever.

The problem with scary stories is that people can only tell the stories they've heard and remember, the stories they have on hand in books, or stories they can find on the net. Your Ghost Stories is a repository of ghost stories that users can turn to whenever the mood strikes them or the moment is right for a good, spooky yarn. There's no need to memorize a story, or search any shelves for a book, or spend any time searching the web for the right story. All users need to do is open the app and use its robust filtering and search features to find whatever scary story they want.

In the app, users can filter stories alphabetically, by type of story, by country, or by US state. This makes it easy for the user to glean the stories they will find most interesting from this app's extensive library of ghost stories. Or if users don't know what kind of story they want, they can use the app's random story feature to randomly pick a story for them. After reading some stories, users can mark their favorites for easy access later. They can also share scary stories from the app via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

The stories in this app all come from an online database of user generated stories, and while they may not be of the quality of professionally written horror, some of them claim to be true accounts and it's up to the users to believe them or not. Some of the storytelling may not be stellar, but the stories should be interesting and spooky enough to give users a good chill and since they are user generated they are varied enough that everyone should be able to find some that they like. The accessibility and ease of finding a good story quickly without the need for an internet connection are what make this app really useful. Your Ghost Stories is a great companion app for any camp-out, slumber party, Halloween, or even just a late night read.

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