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Football Agent Review

Our Review by Ryan Wood on June 18th, 2010
Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: ADDICTING STRATEGY
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With an addictive and simply game design, Football Agent is ideal for those short breaks where you just need a quick time killer.

Developer: Cobra Mobile Ltd.
Price: $0.99
Version Reviewed: 1.0

Graphics / Sound Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Game Controls Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Gameplay Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar
Re-Play Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Overall Rating: starstarstarstarblankstar

Football Agent puts you in the driver’s seat of buying and selling athletes in this extremely addictive and simply strategy game. Football Agent begins with a $2 million balance and players must buy and sell players trying to make $200 million in 200 weeks (each week is a second long). Athletes sprout out of the ground at varying prices and experience periods of popularity, when their value goes up, and declining popularity, where their values begin to drop. The object of the game is to buy low and sell high, avoiding any of the quirks that could cost you big.

Players come out at low, mid, and high values, and the amount of money available to you only allows for limited purchasing at the beginning. It’s ideal to get started right out the gate getting massive amounts of cash to allow for additional acquisition of players, making it easier to purchase multiple players and see their values increase.

Football Agent’s is extremely addicting, and the fast paced action makes it ideal for a quick game or two between classes, on a work break, or pretty much anytime you’re looking to kill a few minutes. The graphics are ideal for a game like this, and focus is completely on the game play. The ability to upload scores into Facebook provides an added layer of competition and enjoyment. You can check out Football Agent today for only $0.99.

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