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Aspirin Review

Our Review by Jennifer Allen on June 29th, 2011
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Keep track of medication and other health elements with Aspirin.

Developer: 6tags
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Version Reviewed: 1.1
Device Reviewed On: iPhone 4

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Keeping track of medication and general health is sometimes a job in itself. For the unfortunate souls who need to take multiple different forms of medication a day as well as keep track of other elements of their health, there's a lot to remember. Sure, simply writing a note down of the various details works but it's prone to mistakes or forgetfulness. Aspirin might still require the user to remember to enter the information but when alarms are so simple to set up, it's no great hardship.

Aspirin aims to be as simple as possible to set up. There's the ability to add multiple users and keep track of things individually. Each user can then import or take a photo of themselves or an item that represents them. Photos can also be taken of each drug as and when it's added making it easy to know what bottle or packet is needed without necessarily having to read the labels (although it would be recommended for safety reasons!). Users can then add the required dosage and frequency for each drug to ensure easy consultation.

Once the drugs and user has been set up, it's possible to keep track of drug usage, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and set alarms for everything also. Event alarms can be set either specifically to remind the user to take a drug, test their blood pressure or glucose levels. The various tracking options then allow them to keep track of when drugs have been taken through the day and how their blood pressure and glucose levels are performing. Particularly useful for diabetics is the ability to track glucose levels before and after a meal. All this information can also be synced with Google Calendar, adding a future layer of functionality.

The only useful feature I'd have liked to have seen in Aspirin is that of a glossary of common drug names. Even if it had just covered the likes of paracetamol and over the counter anti-inflammatories, it would have been convenient. Other than this though, Aspirin is a pretty complete app for those who have plenty of different medication to keep track of.

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