We're proud to announce the world's largest iPhone app promo code contest held to honor the nominees of the 2009 Best App Ever Awards!

In honor of the second annual Best App Ever Awards, nominees were invited to submit promo codes for their apps for a promo code contest. What we got back was absolutely staggering. We have thus far received 912 1092 promo codes for 100 121 different apps. That comes to a total retail value of almost $2500 $3045!

We've got a load of great apps like Documents To Go, Business Card Reader, Easy Trails, IM+, and many more. And games? Of course there are games like Labyrinth 2, Lexic, Mini Squadron, Best App Ever winner Pocket God, and many more.

We'll be giving out the promo codes automatically over the next two weeks. To enter, you need just send a particular tweet on Twitter or a share a link on Facebook. Easy and you can enter every day of the two weeks if you wish.

When you win a promo code you will be given a unique URL to visit that will contain your promo code. On that page we will show you the value of the app you have won and ask that you donate, if you can, that amount or more to help with Haiti relief.

In addition to single promo codes, we will be giving away a very limited number of special multi-prize codes. These special codes allow you to take your pick of the apps available and will give you more than a single pick. It's like being set loose in the App Store with nothing holding you back!

And now, the bad news. Since Apple only allows promo codes for US iTunes accounts, those are the only ones that are allowed to enter the contest. I wish we had a way to open it to everyone in the world, but there's just no easy way at this time.

A big thank you to the nominees for their generosity! Hopefully we can raise a little awareness about these great apps and a little bit to help Haiti.

To read more about the contest and how to enter, head on over to the Best App Ever site: http://bestappever.com/pc.

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