Which ships become your go-to choices in World of Warships Blitz can be something of a personal preference. You might want to work through one country's tech tree in particular or just have a certain class that becomes your specialty.

As always the mad PvP scientists at Wargaming have given you plenty of options, something at which they excel. In fact, it might be too many choices when you're just getting into the swing of things.

But never fear. We've been giving the entire roster of warships the once and twice over to ferret out the ones with the biggest guns, most formidable torpedoes and more. If you want to know which ships you should be working towards in World of Warships Blitz, read on and we'll tell you which ones are best in every category.

(Note that these don't include premium ships of any kind and might be outdone by ships added to the game after launch, but they are the best of the best you can work toward right now)

Best Concealment: Sampson, Mk. II US Destroyer

Staying out of the sights of the enemy is always a good thing, and you can do it best in this Mk. II boat you can unlock fairly early on. The Sampson is lightly armed and armored, so you don't want to slug it out with opposing ships, but at least it has guns and torpedo tubes to give you some options in a fight.

Best Guns: Montana, Mk. X US Battleship

Since firing main guns is one of the first things you learn to do in World of Warships Blitz, it's only natural to gravitate toward the ship with the most of them. Just looking at the four massive three-gun turrets on the Montana puts you in the mood to blow stuff up.

Best Survivability: Yamato, Mk. X Japanese Battleship

If enemies can dish it out, the Yamato can take it -- at least for a while. The king of Japanese battleships also has big guns and serious anti-aircraft capabilities, so it's just an all-around handful and one of the most powerful ships in the game, full stop.

Best Torpedo Tubes: Zao, Mk. X Japanese Cruiser

Cruisers are the jack of all trades of World of Warships Blitz classes, but this one earns the highest marks in one interesting area. You won't find a more dangerous barrage of torpedoes than the ones that come from the Zao, so keep that in mind when facing one in battle.

Best Maneuverability: Mutsuki, Mk. V Japanese Destroyer

Once you get to battles with Mk. V ships, prepare for the Mutsuki to be a major pain -- unless you're the one at the helm. Not only is it fast and agile, it's also very hard to detect and packs surprisingly decent torpedo tubes to boot.

Best Carrier Aircraft Group: Midway, Mk. X Aircraft Carrier

If what you're about is simply overwhelming opponents with sheer size and massiveness, the Midway is the carrier for you. Not only does it boast the most planes to send on attack, it also has massive anti-aircraft batteries to prevent the same fate from befalling it in return. It'll take a while to unlock but seems so worth it.

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