What to expect from MU Origin’s April update

Posted by 148Apps Staff on April 23rd, 2019
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The 1,000th day since MU Origin hit global stores is just around the corner — so what better time for another update? This April, players can expect fresh content to delve into, including new ways to fight rival players and a new realm to go explore.

First things first, there’s a new clan system to unlock, allowing you to join forces with four other players to take on rivals. Costing 500 unbound diamonds, forming a clan grants you access to Clan Arena and Clan Assault, two player-versus-player options to sate your appetite for competition. Clan Arena pits your five players against another clan of five in a battle to the death. Once one clan is entirely defeated, the fight is over and the rewards are dished out. You’ll receive clan honour points even if you lose, which can be exchanged for rare items at the in-game store, so it’s worth joining in. Then there’s Clan Assault, which takes 64 of the top-ranked clans in Clan Arena and sets them against each other in a tournament. Fight each clan one by one and aim to be the last clan standing for big rewards. Making your job that bit harder is the fact that you can’t depend on buffs, potions or auto-combat during Clan Assault, so you better be on top form. Clan Assault is held on the ninth day of every month.

The MU Origin update also introduces Reverse, which Webzen claims “will completely reverse the current battle structure”. If you’ve managed to reach rebirth 10 level 1, a feather level of 600, accumulated 12 million in combat power, completed the Ancient Legend quest, and have maxed wings, griffin and rock, the Dark Land is open to you. Inside, you’ll find all the Reverse content, from new equipment to several new boss monsters to hunt down across never-before-seen maps.

The third major addition is the Mount Emblem system. Unlocked for players rebirth 3 level 60 and above, this is another way for you to power-up your beloved steed. There are three grades of mount emblems to collect — Darkness of Death, Thunder of Destruction and Violence of Rage (which would make excellent Steven Seagal film titles). These can then be attached to the six slots on your mount for added fighting power.

Explore the Dark Land, team up with a clan and power-up your mount; download the update to MU Origin on iOS or Android.

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