In a bit of a change from the usual programming here at 148Apps, due to holidays and absences. So rather than going through the best games that have come out this Thursday, we're going to have a look at something altogether different. Don't worry though, things will get back to normal next week.

Today we're checking out all of the Jurassic World games that are currently available on the App Store. There's some good ones, there's some bad ones, but once you're read our article you're going to know exactly which ones are worth getting and which are best avoiding like a Raptor in a food court.

Jurassic Park: The Game - download for iOS

This one's a bit of an outlier. It's from Telltale, so it should be pretty good. But it's Telltale pre-Walking Dead, when the dev was just starting to find its feer. The end result is a solid game, but it's not the sort of engaging experience we've come to expect from Telltale. It's one for fans of Jurassic Park, but only proper diehard fans.

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Jurassic World Alive - download for iOS

The newest game on this list is also one of the most interesting. It's a game about going out into the real world and catching digital dinosaurs. Imagine Pokemon GO, but with giant extinct monsters instead of imaginary critters. It's already got a fair few players, so if you fancy seeing more of the world and more dinosaurs, get it got.

Jurassic World: The Game - download for iOS

Another reasonably new addition to the Jurassic canon, this one came out to tie in with the release of the Chris Pratt-fronted sequel a few years ago. It's your common or garden mobile RPG, but you're collecting, training, and breeding up a team of dinosaurs. It looks great, and if it's the sort of thing you're into there's definitely a lot to like here.

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Jurassic Park Builder - download for iOS

Yet another pretty standard mobile game. This one sees you building up a park. Imagine all the city builders or Farmville-style games, but you're building a place for dinosaurs to live. It's simple, it's interesting, and there's definitely plenty of game to get your face pushed into. If you love casual games and dinosaurs, then this is a good a place as any to start.

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Lego Jurassic World - download for iOS

While the Telltale entry in this list came before the formula was perfected, the Lego entry came well after. If you've never played a Lego game before, you're definitely going to love everything that the game has to offer. But if you've played plenty of them, well you're going to find that this one's pretty similar to all the others. Just with dinos.

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