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Posted by Kyle Flanigan on April 30th, 2011

It’s here! 309 days after Apple announced the iPhone 4, and only the black version was available to purchase, its white counterpart can now be ordered. “The launch is set to hit a number of territories” writes Jennifer Allen, “staring with the US and UK [now available, and] with much of Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan to follow shortly.” The phone is carried on the AT&T and Verizon Wireless networks in the US.

Apple was in the news for other reasons this week - suffering international backlash for a security oversight that lists a user’s location history even if the Location Services feature is turned off. The file is unencrypted and can be opened by any computer that the iPhone has been synced to. The data is presented in timestamped GPS co-ordinates. Kyle Flanigan notes that South Korea, France, Italy and Germany have all opened official investigations, and a congressional investigation may be looming.

Apple has since responded by issuing a press release, stating that data is stored to “[maintain] a database of hotspots and cell towers around [users’] current location.” Theoretically, this makes it faster for the device to pinpoint its location when a GPS signal is requested. Apple is also working on a new and improved Maps application.

On the application scene, Burn It All received the 148Apps Editor’s Choice award for its gaming appeal and replay value. “Burn It All is one of my favorite games this year-” writes Carter Dotson, “even after completing all 100 of the levels ... I still found myself going back to try and improve my scores.” The game was awarded 4.5 stars and costs $0.99.

Burn it All - Journey to the Sun

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2011-04-28 :: Category: Game


In an unusual twist, Microsoft made its way onto the Apple App Store this week with the release of Photosynth, a free panoramic-stitching photo application. Although the concept is nothing new, the application sports social networking features allowing you to share your stitches. “The irony of this situation” muses Carter Dotson, “is that Photosynth is actually not available on Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 7 yet.”


iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-04-18 :: Category: Game


Episode 82 of The Portable Podcast is now available to download, featuring guests Ryan Winterholler and Josh Valensi from EA Mobile, as well as Ty Bader and Schidlowsky from NoodleCake Games.

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