WAVE Personal Calendar Now Connects You With Real Personal Assistants

Posted by Jessica Fisher on May 4th, 2015
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WAVE Calendar, by e-sites, has added an interesting new feature:real life personal assistants. The e-sites webpage has been redesigned so personal assistants can apply to work directly with WAVE.

Each PA must be registered with a professional office and will be put through a screening process so that you can count on getting a qulaity helper for your busy schedule. You can use the WAVE PA service for anything from ordering flowers to booking a hotel. Once your PA has completed thier task you can review them and find a new PA if the current one isn't up to snuff.

“Nowadays we are all extremely busy and this will only get worse. There is almost no time anymore for the little things. What if a mechanic needs to come to your house? Do you have to waste a day off sitting at home waiting for him to come by?” says Sjoerd van Oosten, CEO of e-sites, in a press release. “No, it was about time someone came up with a solution and now we have by creating WAVE Personal Calendar.”

You can downloadWAVE Calendar for free and start checking out their Beta release of the Personal Assistant program right now.

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