Two Spies is pretty fun, but it's hard to play with other people

Posted by Campbell Bird on December 12th, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Two Spies just dropped on the App Store this week, and it looks pretty neat. The game has two players capturing various cities across Europe, with the goal of eventually spotting and striking the other spy down. It may be simple-looking, but after playing the tutorial and a few bot matches, there’s a hidden depth here that makes it seem like something I’d want to play regularly on my phone.

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about Two Spies so far is how it rewards players for playing cat and mouse with each other. As your spies move from city to city, they are invisible to their opponent. This “cover” is blown whenever you capture cities or move to enemy cities, though, but you want to be capturing cities so you can generate intel points that let you use powerful abilities. As a result, many games of Two Spies involve dancing around the enemy spy location, trying to lock down cities to generate an edge that can allow you take them down more easily. All the while, your opponent may be trying to do the same, or they might just march right into your location and strike you down immediately.

The only problem is, Two Spies has a pretty lousy matchmaking system for online play. Players can host their own games, but in order to have someone join, an opposing player needs to know and type in their game name, which is randomly generated each time you go to host a room. As a result, I can’t really find people to play with reliably, and the prospect of playing bots has already worn pretty thin.

Two Spies seems to know its matching capabilities are lacking, as there’s mention of a subreddit where players can share games out to pair with each other. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t seem like anyone is using it to actually try to play Two Spies with other players.

Because of how cool Two Spies looks, I’m still going to go ahead and recommend folks to download it (it is free after all). If you like it, maybe you can send me a message and we can play a game?

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