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Posted by Mark Brown on April 13th, 2016
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So you've read our guide on becoming a plucky upstart in massively multiplayer snake simulator You've taken on the big boys, and you've grown fat and complacent.

Well snap out of it - you're going to need to work your sodding scales off to keep your lead and stop yourself from losing your top position. (Coincidentally, congrats on reading this while keeping one eye on your iPad).

So that's why we've got some advanced tips for staying alive while you're massive. Read on, heed our advice, and soon you'll be so big your body will take up the entire play-space and the server will crash and you'll be crowned King of

Stick to the edges

You'll find fewer baby snakes trying to murder you at the edges, and any who do wriggle your way will be terrified of trying to dash past your face as they'll topple off the side of the stage and die. Just don't do it yourself, dummy.

Make a shield

As you can travel along your own body, you can go back and forth along yourself for ages to be completely invincible to others. You'll need to take a break if you want to gobble up all the stupid enemies who run into you, of course.

Outcoil the coilers

It's a popular technique for large snakes to make a circle around an enemy and then slowly spiral inwards in an unstoppable death squeeze. What they've forgotten is that this makes them vulnerable to even bigger snakes (that's you!) doing the same to them.

Don't use your boost too much

Every time you use your boost you expel a few pellets. Not only does this make you ever so slightly smaller, but it will help other snakes who will one day be big enough to take you on. We're not here to help out the weak and powerless, you dirty socialist.

Don't worry about shrinking

In, which is based on (to put it charitably), you shrink down if you don't keep eating people. That's not the case in this snakey spin-off, so you can take your time and avoid taking risk.

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You can check out right now on the App Store, Google Play, or on your browser via Poki.

Has Mark helped you to remain a massive snake? Or are you weeping as your pellets are being gobbled up by other snakes as we speak? Let us know in the comments below!

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