Diablo often feels like Blizzard's forgotten child. World of Warcraft keeps ticking over with new updates, Overwatch is doing brilliantly in the eSports arena, as are Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. But what of poor little Diablo?

Well, there's a version of Diablo 3 coming out for Switch next month, but there rarely seem to be rumblings about the game getting a sequel. And a mobile version? I don't think anyone's ever even tried to rumble about that.

So we decided it'd be a good idea to write a list of the best games like Diablo for iPhone. That way you can get a little taste of dangerous dungeoneering without having to dig out a console or turn your PC on.

If you think we've missed anything out, feel free to let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. And hit that click on this link to check out all of the other awesome lists on the site.

Wayward Souls - download for iOS

If there's even the slightest thing to do with dungeons, then you know this one's going to make it on the list. It doesn't have the flashy light shows of Diablo, and if anything it's more difficult, but it's also an incredible amount of fun. The controls are tight, the slaughter is stressful, and you're going to play the game with a mix of a grimace and a smile somehow spreading across your face.

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Iesabel - download for iOS

This one wears its Diablo appreciation on the sleeve of its Diablo T-shirt. It's unashamedly paying homage to Blizzard's grim dungeon adventure, and it does it really rather well. It's a premium game, it's got the co-operative play some Diablo fans love, and it's chock full of loot, monsters, and death. Sounds pretty good, right?

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Titan Quest - download for iOS

A hacky slashy game from the dim-ish and quite distant past, Titan Quest originally come out in 2006. This mobile port polishes everything up, throws in some really good touchscreen controls, and leaves you to your own devices in a mythological world that owes as much to the ancient Greeks as it dos Diablo. If it's action and giant monsters you're after, this one isn't going to disappoint.

Darkest Dungeon - download for iOS

We always like to have a left-field choice in our lists, and this one certainly fits into that bracket. Sure it's set in a fantasy dungeon (not like that), and there's gear and loot to collect. But there's something far more harrowing about Darkest Dungeon's take on the adventure. Your party will go mad, flee, turn on each other, and more, as the pressure of the dark takes its toll. Think of it like a deconstructed version of Diablo and you'll get what it's trying to do.

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Quadropus Rampage - download for iOS

We're back on familiar ground with this final pick. This one comes from the developer behind Crashlands, and while it doesn't have the depth of that craft-and-survive-'em-up, it's every bit as engrossing a dungeon crawler as everything else on this list. You play a four-limbed octopus working its way through a series of randomly generated dungeons. Your first weapon is a tennis racquet, and you're trying to destroy Pete, who's the god of the sea. Somehow, it manages to get weirder from there.

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