The World is Getting Even Bigger with 80 Days' Newest Update

Posted by Rob Rich on September 11th, 2015
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Are you still playing 80 Days? If not, you might want to get back into it. And if so, you're in for a treat! Next month, Inkle will be adding a bunch of new stuff to the globe-trotting adventure - including the moon. yes, "the moon" moon.

The free update includes a grand total of 30 new cities and plenty of new adventures like discovering Atlantis or paying a visit to the freaking moon. They might be taking the while "around the world" thing a little too literally. Anyway that's just a glimpse at what's in store. You'll be able to enjoy plenty of other thrilling adventures (going over Niagra Falls? No thank you.) as well. If you can find them.

All this stuff (and more) will be coming to 80 Days on October 1.

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