Last week we took a look at the best games for iOS that you could waste hours and hours of your life playing, so now we thought we'd have a look at the top 5 games for iPhone and iPad that have great stories. These are the tales that have stuck with us the most, or the games that weave their stories with the most skill, intelligence, and fun.

Obviously stories are really, really subjective - how they hit you can differ depending on where you are in your life, the things you've seen, and even something as seemingly unimportant as whether you're experiencing that story in the day or at night. With that in mind, there's a good chance that your own favorite story didn't make the list - be sure to let us know about it in the comments at the bottom of the article, we'd love to hear how mobile gaming has affected people.

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Her Story

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When you're writing about games with good story, you really need to include Her Story, and not just because it's got the word in its name. This is a brilliant example of how to tell a story in a non-linear fashion. The game is just a repository of slices of police interviews that you navigate. It's up to you to put together the pieces, explore the chunks of the story that are presented to you, and figure out what's going on. It's emotional, it's shocking, and it's unlike anything else you've played.

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Device 6

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Another unique way of doing story on mobile, Device 6 sees Simogo playing around with the foundations of the choose your own adventure book. You wake up on a strange island and need to figure out what you're doing there and, perhaps most importantly, how to get home. There are some clear influences here, but Device 6 often wanders off on its own, and you're going to love where it goes.

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This one deals with its story in a more conventional way. It sees you controlling various electrical equipment as you try and help a young woman escape from a totalitarian regime. It's all dystopian grey and thought police rhetoric, but it's the story that's going to push you through the occasionally sticky stealth sections.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

- download for iOS

A really important game that tells a story set during the First World War. It's definitely going to break your heart, but it's also going to give you a glimpse into a period of recent history that's slowly but surely becoming an object of myth rather than recollection. It might not be photorealistic when it comes to its depictions of the conflict, but there's an openness and heart-wrenching honesty to the experience that makes it almost impossible to put down.

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The Banner Saga

- download for iOS

A gloomy story about vikings, mythological creatures, and the end of the world. Don't let the cartoon graphics fool you - this is a decidedly grown-up game that deals with a whole swathe of interesting themes. It also features a cast of characters that you're going to get horribly attached to. We say horribly because when one of them dies in battle, they're not coming back.

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