The NFL season is in its final stretch, with the wildcard round of the playoffs already out of the way. Which means Super Bowl fever is going to be ramping up, and you might want a game to scratch your gridiron itch since there aren't any Thursday or Monday night games any more. That's where this list comes in.

We've picked what we think are the three finest American Football games on the App Store - and we think we've managed to get something for everyone. Of course if you've got your own suggestions then we'd love to hear them in the comments section down at the bottom of this very article.

You can also click here to check out all of the other awesome lists we've been writing over the past few months. Each is sharper and more entertaining than the last, and they start off pretty damn sharp and really rather entertaining. Now then, on with the pigskin classics.

Football Heroes Pro Online

- download for iOS

This is the midcore choice - you don't need to have a grounding in American football to understand and enjoy it, but if you do have one you're going to suck even more marrow out of the bones of this slightly older game. There are some strange rule changes that keep the game open - you've got 15 yards to go to make a first down, not 10, and the clock ticks in ways anyone familiar with the real sport is going to be a bit annoyed by.

But, there's a brilliant compulsion loop at the heart of the game. The online multiplayer aspect might be dead, but there are still plenty of asymmetric leagues to jump into so you can play against other people in a way. There's a chunky single player mode and loads of NFL superstars to collect as well.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

- download for iOS

And now we have the more traditional choice. This one comes from EA, so you know it's going to be super polished and have all the right players, teams, and rosters. But it squishes the game down into little mobile-sized packages that deliver a thrash of crunching sporting clashes.

It's not the full experience, but it's certainly deeper than Football Heroes Pro Online. There are a whole bunch of single and multiplayer modes, and a really good online community as well. Want to try and predict the winner of the Super Bowl early? Then this is the game you should be grabbing.

Flick Quarterback 19

- download for iOS

Looking for a football game to slip into those short mobile play bursts? Don't have time to learn any controls? Then this is definitely the game for you. You're in control of a quarterback on a made-up team, throwing epic catches for the receivers that are sprinting down the field in front of you.

There's not much more to it than that - swipe vertically to throw or horizontally to dodge, and tap a button to pick which WR or TE to chuck to. It's simple, but it's really rather enthralling. It won't give you the full Super Bowl experience, but it will give you the thrill of tossing that perfect hail mary in the dying seconds.

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