In the latest part of our roundup of the best games in specific genres, we're going to take a look at the best puzzle games you can pick up for iPhone and iPad. And there are some of the very best games period on this list, so it's definitely going to be worth your while to give it a read.

We've added download links and links to our reviews as well, so you can make sure you've got all the knowledge you need before you make a purchase. And if you've got your own suggestions to add, then make sure you chuck them in the comments at the bottom of the list. We'd really appreciate it.

The Room - download for iOS

While there have been three more games in The Room series since this original came out, this one's still a perfect example of the FPS puzzler. You're manipulating a box, or rather a series of interlinked boxes. There's a dark story, a foreboding atmosphere, and a real sense that every time you solve something, you want to push deeper into the mystery.

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Monument Valley 2 - download for iOS

While the first Monument Valley was great, this sequel is even better. It takes the shape of the first game and then plays around with it with confidence and zeal. It's a game about changing the shape of the world, and guiding characters through the gorgeous shapes that you're presented with. If you've not played this yet, rectify that immediately.

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Threes! - download for iOS

While a shadow might have been cast on Threes! because of the success of the massive number of clones that came out in its wake, this version is by far the best. It's all about shifting numbers around a grid, combining them to make bigger numbers. Each number has its own personality too, and there's a smartness here that any copies just don't have.

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Prune - download for iOS

A puzzle game about slicing up a tree. Where a lot of other games might claim to have a zen-feel, they don't really come close to Prune. It's all about cutting in the right place in order for the rest of the tree to flourish. There's a story here that's told through the actions you take, and when you realize where it's leading, it's more than a little heartbreaking.

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Euclidean Lands - download for iOS

This one takes ideas from Square Enix's GO games, Monument Valley, and a bunch of other sources, and mixes them together to create something really rather special. It's all about traversing cubes, shifting them round in order to make paths to get the hero past guards, obstacles, and other hazards.

Beneath the Lighthouse - download for iOS

One of the bigger games that Nitrome has come up with, but it's still bright and breezy. You need to control the environment to send a blob with a captain's hat rolling through it. There are spikes to avoid, holes to bypass, and loads more. The way it mixes together a head scratching puzzle game and a platformer really needs to be played.

RGB Express - download for iOS

It might look like the simplest game on this list, but there's actually an incredibly complex game here. It's all about making sure the right cargo gets on the right trucks and ends up at the right places. There's a solid challenge here, and it makes you want to keep playing even when things get a little on the tough side

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