It's been a pretty good week overall for mobile games. It's certainly not the most exciting, but there are still some diamonds in the rough. We've got a fantasy action RPG set in Middle-earth, there's some fun arcade titles, and even a board game thrown into the mix. Here are four of our favorites from the past seven days.

Modern Combat Versus

Guns of Boom has a worthy competitor now that Modern Combat Versus has hit the scene. It's another slick and stylish squad shooter that's sure to please fans of games like Overwatch or Destiny. Modern Combat Versus handles exceptionally well with its touch controls -- a difficult feat for any mobile shooter.


AKA TO BLUE is an all new bullet hell schmup from renowned Japanese developer Cave. The schtick is simple -- guide your ship through vertical levels, cutting through waves of enemy's with your laser. Gameplay is fast and frantic, though, and the sheer thrill of it all will keep you hooked.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Asmodee presents a more chilled out version of famed resource management board game Ticket to Ride. It's meant to be a family version of the game, though it's still the classic TIcket to Ride you might be familiar with. First Journey is an excellent game to play with your kids, or even someone who might not be into board games.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

This new wave of Tolkien-inspired of games from WB Games continues with Middle-earth: Shadow of War. It calls itself an action RPG, but there are elements of endless runners and even gacha games in the mix. Battles can get surprisingly tough, so you'll need to prepare some strategy, and the innovative nemesis system returns to this mobile iteration in fine form.

What are your favorite new games of the week? Let us know in the comments below.

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