We've made it, folks. Another weekend is upon us. It's time to sit back and relax with the best new releases of the week. Puzzles, strategy RPGs, and arcade games abound this week. There's a lot of quality stuff to unpack this week, so let's hop to it.

Wheels of Aurelia

You might not be able to take a drive through the Italian countryside this weekend, but we promise Wheels of Aurelia is the next best thing. This stylish narrative adventure set in '70s Italy puts you behind the wheel, where you'll go on short adventures, meeting new people and even getting into car chases. This is a delightful game to play in short, reflective bursts.

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Warhammer Quest 2

Warhammer fans and newcomers alike will find something to love in this new strategic RPG. Set in a troubled apocalyptic world, you'll explore dungeons full of dangerous monsters, engaging in some of the finest turn-based combat on mobile to date. There are plenty of treasures to collect, and fellow adventurers to recruit.

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Campfire Cooking

This new indie puzzler takes you to the great outdoors, where you'll solve a whole slew of slidey puzzles to cook up dozens of campfire recipes. It's cheery aesthetic has us yearning for a good hiking trip. Interspersed with story cutscenes, Campfire Cooking is a real charmer.

MMM Fingers 2

Noodlecake returns with this fun sequel - an arcade game about monsters that want to chomp on your fingers. Move your finger around razor-sharp monsters without getting hit. Your goal is to progress as far as possible without "losing" a finger.

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Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

This sci-fi strategy RPG is a must buy. With the human race on the brink of extinction, you take command of an ancient space station to fight for your survival. Combat is challenging, and with an expansive tech research tree to explore, there are plenty of options for shaping your crew of star pilots. It's easily one of the best RPGs on mobile right now.

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What are the best new games you played this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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