Another week down, another week in reviewing lots and lots of mobile games. Not every title that launches on the App Store makes it to the top of our lists, but the few that do are truly something special. Let's take a look back at all of the games we've played here at 148Apps over the past week. We're pretty confident we'll find something you'll want to add to your library.

The Little Acre

This little point and click adventure is truly beautiful, taking players back to 1950s Ireland with its lovely storybook illustrations. While our Reviews Editor thought the game ended a bit too soon, we feel it's a solid little adventure that does some interesting things with storytelling.

Age of Rivals

Collectible cards and kingdom-building team up to create Age of Rivals,a game that masterfully melds two very different genres. You play against one other player, drawing cards that contain valuable resources like trade goods and city structures with the aim of building the best city in all of the land.

Missile Cards

The first project for this indie developer,Missile Cardsis an effective mesh of the similarly-namedMissile Commandand classic Solitaire. Draw cards to deploy defenses against nuclear bombs and other dangerous objects raining from the skies. There are plentiful customization options, too, as you expand your base and upgrade your equipment.

Are you adding any of these games to your summer gaming list? Tell us what you picked in the comments.

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