The 4 best mobile JRPGs

Posted by Jessica Famularo on August 9th, 2017

In the world of video games, no one really does a fantasy adventure quite like a good old JRPG. These longer form titles fit right at home in the mobile space, leaving fans of the genre with a wide array of options.

While Final Fantasy is probably the first name you think of when you hear JRPG, there are plenty of other options on the App Store for you try, too. We're here to highlight some of the best JRPGs that don't fall under the Final Fantasy banner. We're sure you'll enjoy them just as much, if not more.


The older CHAOS RINGS titles may no longer have a home on the App Store, but luckily this is a series that gets better with age, so we highly encourage you to give CHAOS RINGS III a go. This hefty mobile RPG clocks in at 75 hours of gameplay, fully justifying the premium $20 price tag.

Strong storytelling and that gorgeous Square Enix production make this a must buy.

The World Ends with You

Okay, yes, I know. Another Square Enix title. But The World Ends With You, an unassuming original IP that quickly became a cult classic, might just be one of the best JRPGs to launch in the past 15 years. This game tests the boundaries of traditional JRPG gameplay and often breaks them. This is a game that innovates on all fronts.

Terra Battle

Terra Battle is a JRPG designed with mobile players in mind. It's a great JRPG title that employs some strategy and puzzle elements in the mix, too. Even IAPs can't keep this friendly little game down.

Phantom of the Kill

A close cousin to Fire Emblem, this beautiful SRPG by the creator of Ghost in the Shell is full of that trademark JRPG opulence and boasts some pretty strong tactical gameplay to boot. Extra care was taken to to ensure that this game plays perfectly on mobile devices.Phantom of the Kill's gained quite a following since it released in 2016.

What's your favorite mobile JRPG? Let us know in the comments below.

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