Hi, in case you weren’t aware: JK Rowling is a bigot, and the latest game based on her Harry Potter series revolves around an antisemetic plot. Don’t play it. Don’t let you friends play it. It’s bad and supports a bad person!

With that out of the way, I did some thinking about what kinds of games might be good to play instead. Games that might have some similarities to certain aspects of Rowling’s wizarding world, but without the middling writing, racist undertones, and deplorable author. It wasn’t easy, but there are definitely some mobile titles that fit the bill. See below:

Ticket to Earth ($4.99)

Although it takes place in the realm of science fiction rather than fantasy, Ticket to Earth follows a young person who is discovering a mysterious power they wield in the midst of a conspiracy to upset planetary order. You band together with a ragtag group of people to support you, each with their own special abilities and uncover a mysterious and original world.

In addition, Ticket to Earth is simply one of the best dang mobile games out there. Its puzzle combat is completely unique and offers a ton of customization options and replayability. It’s great, even if you aren’t looking to scratch any kind of wizard-adjacent itch.

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Bossgame: The Boss Is My Heart ($6.99)

Bossgame is a fantasy combat game starring a young couple who work together as devil hunters. These protagonists are trying to discover themselves and just make it through life while cracking the door on some secret truths to its cheeky and charming universe.

Mechanically, this is a boss rush game, but your devil hunters make use of magic spells, shields, etc. some of which can combine together for more powerful attacks in what is one of the most enjoyable action combat games I’ve ever played on mobile.

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The Greater Good ($3.99)

Much like Harry Potter’s magical/muggle world divide, The Greater Good takes place between the realms of machines and magic. The game has you play as a special individual who lives among the machines but somehow has the power to harness forgotten magic powers.

If you’re like me, The Greater Good will primarily evoke nostalgic memories for role-playing games from the Playstation era, but that feels era appropriate to when Rowling’s books first rose to popularity.

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Astrologaster ($4.99)

If some of the Harry Potter appeal comes from its Britishness, Astrologaster might be right up your alley. This game has you play as a crackpot doctor who reads the stars to diagnose people’s illnesses. In a way, it feels almost like playing as someone who as somehow convinced themselves that the schooling lessons in Harry Potter can actually be used in real life to solve real problems.

It’s an absurd game that is both funny and compelling to play through. It’s also mostly a reading game (with voice acting) so it is quite literally book-like if that’s what you’re after as well.

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Hav ($ 15.99)

Speaking of book-like, Danganronpa is another solid choice that feels just like an extreme anime version of Harry Potter’s general structure. There’s a special school for special students, all of whom have unique talents, and they all have to band together in the face of a giant mystery.

In the case of Danganronpa, though, the mystery just so happens to also be a game that plots these students in a killing game hosted by a robotic bear. It’s very out there, but the baseline parallels to Harry Potter’s school-based shennanigans are undeniable.

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