It's not a huge surprise that there's not a massive influx of new, must-buy games on the App Store this week. After all, GDC is happening, so everyone's busy at parties and networking and dying from a sinister form of jetlag.

That said, there are at least two games on this list that are well worth your time. And a couple more that could prove distracting enough to stick around on your homescreen for a good long while. As usual there are download links below, and if you think we've missed anything, let us know in the comments section.

Shadowgun Legends - download for iOS

The latest game in the Shadowgun series is the most impressive yet. It's sort of like Destiny, but with a good deal more swagger and its tongue firmly stuck in its cheek. Kill aliens in the campaign, fight in PvP multiplayer, and become the universe's most famous hero. The blasting is slick, the graphics are gorgeous, and you're going to find this one becoming a habit.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - download for iOS

After a brief soft launch, PUBG is now available in certain territories, including the US and the UK. It's the full PUBG experience, squished down a bit to fit on your phone. Sure it's a little bit rough around the edges, but this is a game that manages to breed tension with every step you take. And that makes it a little bit brilliant.

Smashing Rush - download for iOS

A simple but entertaining auto-runner that sees you unlocking a bunch of different extreme sports athletes. They all have slightly different movesets, but you still control everything with a couple of buttons. It might not be the most original game in the world, but there's still a decent chunk of fun to be had here all the same. It looks great too.

Seul (Alone) The Day Before - download for iOS

A bizarre and intriguing text adventure that serves as a prequel to the last Seul game. It's basically impossible to break down the series in a paragraph, but safe to say it's weird, it doesn't play by anything like the rules, and it's guaranteed to make you go “huh” at least once or twice. High praise indeed.

Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting - download for iOS

Nitrome takes on the golf game, with the usual impressive results. Cut down to its bare bones, then layered up with strange and brilliant ideas, this one's all about putting balls in as few shots as possible. Despite the fact it's mainly green, it still manages to capture Nitrome's trademark charm. And it's a load of fun to boot.

Num Yumms - download for iOS

A sweet arcade number puzzler that sees you playing a little creature that wants to gobble up candy. The candy has got numbers on it, and you need to eat just the right amount to match the number of your monster within a set number of moves. Mess up and you'll lose a chunk of life. It's fun, not too taxing, and looks like what I imagine a hug from a monster looks like.

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