Icewind Dale iOS screenshot best games on sale for iPhone and iPad

It's a bumper week for sales over on the App Store. There are some incredible games going for much cheaper than usual. Seriously, if you've not played them, I'd recommend picking up everything on this here list.

I've added download links and, where applicable, links that'll take you to our review of a game. Honestly though, if you don't have much on for the next couple of weeks I'd just buy them all, hole up somewhere warm and play to your heart's content. Oh, and if you think we've missed anything off, you know where the comments section is, so let us know.

Avadon 3: The Warborn - download for iOS (now $7.99)

There are plenty of awesome RPGs on sale right now, all of them are massive, most of them are deliciously retro, and the whole bunch of them are worth giving a go. This one wears its influences proudly on its sleeve. It's enormous, it's engaging, and it's had a quarter of its price knocked off. If you've been wondering whether to get it, now's the perfect time.

Icewind Dale - download for iOS (now $4.99)

A classic of the D&D genre, Icewind Dale is the sort of game that you're going to pick up, play for a bit, then look up bleary-eyed from the screen to realize that you've lost several days of your life. Those days are well worth sacrificing though, especially if you're a fan of western RPGs and thick, story-filled adventures.

Solitairica - download for iOS (now $1.99)

What happens when you take a roguelike, hurl some RPG ideas at it, and then create a combat system based on a one-player card game? Solitairica happens. And while it might sound like a recipe for disaster, it's actually a delicious mash-up that really needs to be played to be believed. Smart, fun, and well worth the price.

Shadowmatic - download for iOS (now $2.99)

A clever puzzler that makes you think about objects and light in a different way. Move the camera around so that the shadow of seemingly disparate objects creates a specific, whole object. There's a zen-like atmosphere here, so if you're looking for a game that doesn't bark at you to get things right, you're going to love this.

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Mutant Mudds - download for iOS (now $2.99)

A lovingly created retro platformer that, rather than slavishly adhering to the past of the genre, throws in some really interesting twists of its own. You can jump between different layers of the scenery, using the background and the foreground to your advantage. Sure it's smart, but it's also an awful lot of fun too.

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Strike Team Hydra - download for iOS (now $2.99)

Do you like Xcom? Then you're probably going to love Strike Team Hydra. It's a tactical RPG that sees you leading a squad of combat marines into battle. Each has their own special set of skills, and getting the best out of them is key to success. Slick, polished, and a lot of fun, you can't really go wrong if you pick this one up.

Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos - download for iOS (now $2.99)

Fans of Diablo are going to love every second of this RPG. Build a character, storm through a series of levels hacking and slashing everything that gets in your way, and get to the bottom of a plot that involves more than its fair share of treachery and demons. If you were brought up on PC RPGs, then you should definitely give this one a shot.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build - download for iOS (now $1.99)

A game about building snowmen. It might sound a little twee, but it's actually an adorable puzzler that's as challenging as it is sweet. You're a little black critter who's rolling snow around trying to make some frozen friends. There are benches you can sit down on and have a rest as well, because that's just the sort of game this is.

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A Normal Lost Phone - download for iOS (now $1.99)

You find an unlocked phone, and need to figure out exactly what's happened to its former owner. Part puzzler, part narrative adventure, A Normal Lost Phone has a message without ever being overt or pushy. It's the sort of game you really want to go into blind, with no preconceptions or guesses as to what's going to happen. So I'll say no more.

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Fowlst - download for iOS (now 99c)

A chicken battles its way through hell. The name is a pun, the action borrows from the likes of Downwell, and the overall atmosphere is one of spectacularly glorious chaos. Twitchy, explosive, and incredibly compelling - if you're after an action game this week then this is definitely the game you should be grabbing.

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