The 5 Best Mobile Games like Divinity - Original Sin 2

Posted by Campbell Bird on May 21st, 2021
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Divinity - Original Sin 2 has hit the App Store, promising an uncompromised rpg experience on mobile. In order to play it though, the system requirements are pretty demanding and there are some quirks about the game in its launch state that make it far from accessible.

With that in mind, here’s a list of fantastic games that can deliver much of what Original Sin 2 promises, but without asking you to clear out enough device storage or ponder outright buying a brand new tablet. As a bonus, you could purchase all of these games for just under the asking price of Original Sin 2. Read on below to hear about our picks!

Planescape: Torment ($9.99)

Original Sin 2 is a direct descendant of isometric role-playing classics put out by Black Isle Studios and other legendary developers on PC back in the 90s. Planescape: Torment is certainly among the most critically-acclaimed of these ancestors, mostly because of how story driven it is. In it, you play as an immortal being who is trying to piece together his mysteriously long past. This—among other old PC ports like Baldur’s Gate—are probably the closest you’ll get to emulating Original Sin 2 without just playing it.

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Untold RPG (Free)

Some folks might want a good rpg they can play on the go. Untold RPG is perfect for this because it’s mostly text-based and playable exclusively in portrait mode. This isn’t just a simple text-adventure, mind you. Untold has a real-time combat system and nonlinear progression, allowing you to wander and return to different locales and complete quests in more ways than one. In many ways, it feels like an open-world rpg, but one that is super convenient to take with you in your pocket.

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Fighting Fantasy Legends ($1.99)

The open-endedness of Original Sin 2 can be daunting (and is also probably why the game is 15 GB), but if you want some straightforward fantasy adventure and skill checks involving actual dice rolls, look no further than Fighting Fantasy Legends. This is a hybrid game-book and role-playing game where you’re funneled along a story, but there is enough freedom to pursue multiple paths to victory. That said, you’ll likely also make choices that lead to your demise, and this choose-your-own-adventure gimmick is core to what makes this such a strange but lovely game.

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Star Traders: Frontiers ($6.99)

Perhaps the idea of a vast rpg sounds appealing, but you’d rather have space ships and aliens than longships and elves. Although not competing with Original Sin 2 in graphical fidelity, Star Traders: Frontiers is the definitive sci-fi rpg on mobile that lets you live our your spacefaring career any way you see fit. There’s a main questline you can follow if you want, or you can just take up space smuggling or start wars between rival factions. This makes it quite the kindred spirit to Original Sin 2, despite looking and feeling like anything but.

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Genshin Impact (Free)

Part of Original Sin 2’s draw comes from its combat that lets you take advantage of elemental and environmental interactions. There is no other game on this list that captures the dynamics of harnessing fire, wind, ice, or other elements to create combat advantages like Genshin Impact does. Genshin Impact also serves up a sprawling fantasy playground for all of your elemental-based antics, and is a fantastic game unto itself.

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