Terra Battle - Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Cheats for Setting Up Your Best Lines

Posted by Lee Hamlet on October 27th, 2014
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Well met, warriors:
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Terra Battle is a strategy-based puzzle RPG that is accessible and addictive, yet multi-faceted and challenging, so take heed of these hints and tips before you and your squad head into dangerous, uncharted territory.

On the Battlefield

Terra Battle's fighting system is based on a form of Rock Paper Scissors, in which certain weapon types can outperform others: swords have the advantage over bows, bows can dominate spears, and spears can best swords. Remembering this cycle is key in deciding which squad member to use in the next attack. The staff simply highlights a mage character with healing attributes but no attacking ability.

There is a time limit in which each movement must be completed, so try to plan a movement in advance - particularly if it involves displacing another tile into a better position for chain support or a direct attack. If you're smart about it, pre-planning a route and approaching multiple characters from certain angles can set up multiple chain attacks were before there was none.

When bosses appear - and you'll definitely know when they do since their tiles dwarf other pieces - there are a couple of things to watch out for:

  • Take note of their attacking pattern and damage radius, and move tiles to a safe distance if an attack is imminent. For more detailed information, tap and hold their tile to reveal their stats page.

  • Are some of their minions mages, constantly using a healing ability to help out their boss? Taking them out first is usually a wise move to make in any battle.

  • Some boss battles can be drawn-out affairs. Don't always go on the offensive because the boss will constantly be on the move. I won a certain battle with only 2 remaining squad members by moving one into open space, luring the boss next to it, then moving in with the second member to form an attack link. It also helps to avoid getting both pieces damaged for no reason. 2 birds 1 stone right?

The Metal Zone is a special arena portal that reward players with greater XP bonuses at the expense of a greater stamina drain, fleeing enemies and heightened difficulty.

The Hunting Zone rewards players with an array of items depending on what day they play, all of which can go towards adapting characters for different jobs, which are their roles within the squad, expanding their repertoire.

Skills to pay the bills

Players can recruit characters from the Tavern to create a full squad of 6. Saving energy for rarer, more powerful characters is beneficial in the long run as they begin with higher levels and generally possess better attributes from the get-go.

Each character tile has a couple of indicators to let you know about their field of expertise, so it's a good idea to experiment and use a variety of different characters. Besides the weapon symbol, the small symbol next to their health bar displays their key attribute.

Before each battle, underneath the squad section, there will be a match preview that includes the difficulty level, number of battles, and a handy Tactical Info section. It's worth paying attention to this, as it displays how many enemies there will be and what weapons/key attributes they possess. This is crucial in choosing which squad members go into battle, after taking beneficial attack attributes and weapons into account.

  • Triangles highlight attack attributes, with red representing Fire, blue for Ice, yellow for Lightning and purple for Darkness. Fire-oriented enemies are vulnerable to Ice - and vice versa - and the same goes for Lightning and Darkness.

  • Circles are either white for healing or green for remedies. It's worth having at least 1 healer in each squad to deal with the various ailments battles entail, which is achieved by creating a link between them and their attacking/injured teammate.

Terra Battle

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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