Temple of Spikes: The Legend Guide - How To Have Fun While Dying Constantly

Posted by Campbell Bird on March 8th, 2018
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We’ve been dying over and over in the absolutely brutal Temple of Spikes: The Legend recently, but somehow we can’t stop playing it. If you want to have as good a time as we are with the game, check out a few of these tips to help you out:

How to spot secret areas

Every level in Temple of Spikes has a secret area where you can go through a particularly challenging platforming section to retrieve a Scarab. These areas aren’t exactly easy to see though. They are almost always hallways that are hidden behind walls that you can just walk through, but there is a trick to spotting them. As you’re moving close to a level’s walls, your torch can shine past walls where secret passages are, so keep that in mind while you’re trying to go Scarab hunting.

Spike avoidance

For a game called Temple of Spikes, I’d say there are an appropriate amount of spikes in this game, which is to say a lot. These spikes usually rest on blocks and can be a real pain to deal with, but landing on a spike block doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll take damage. If you’re really careful, you can actually stand in between spikes without taking harmed. This is useful knowledge to keep you from using your rewind power unnecessarily as soon as you land in a spiky area. If you’re lucky, you can avoid being damaged and hold on to your precious time abilities.

Coin doubling

If you’re ever running low on coins Temple of Spikes, there’s a pretty easy way to rectify that. In the second level, in the lower right-hand side of the level’s exit room is a secret entrance. If you go through this secret entrance and then immediately return to the exit room, it becomes restocked with coins that you can collect without any fear of dying.

If you keep dying, keep retrying

If you find yourself dying repeatedly while trying to complete a certain section of a Temple of Spikes level, keep at it. If you die enough, your checkpoint may provide you with an additional heart to help you through or drop more time powerups for you to collect. Often in platformers, trying the same thing over and over in a single session isn’t recommended, but in this case, it can actually make things easier for you.

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