After 5 years running, the Tap Tap Revenge games are coming to an end. In a Facebook post on the Tap Tap Revenge page, it's said that "it no longer makes sense for us to maintain the Tap Tap franchise" due to the changing mobile and music markets. The games have been removed from the App Store and all premium content has been taken down. The servers are also scheduled to be shut down on February 5th.

Tap Tap Revenge was originally created by Tapulous which was absorbed into Disney Mobile in July, 2010. Tap Tap Revenge users will continue to be able to play any tracks that are available on their device. However, after February 5th, they will no longer be able to restore any of their previously purchased songs.

A storied franchise, one of the first games release for the iPhone, even before there was an App Store is no more. Take a look below at the original trailer for Tap Tap Revenge, now five years old.

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