We got our first look at Brawl Stars yesterday, and now it seems folks in Canada can try it for themselves, as the game's gone into a region-exclusive soft launch on iOS. While the game's not in a finished state, players in Canada can get an early taste for what's to come. There's still no word on when Brawl Stars will launch worldwide, but you can expect to wait a few months at the least.

Supercell released a new trailer alongside the soft launch giving us a first look at some of Brawl Stars titular Brawlers. Each character has a different personality and unique combat style. Shelly Shotgun runs around the battlefield wielding a comically large shotgun, blasting enemies off their feet at close range. Dynamike, on the other hand, causes some serious ranged damage by tossing an assortment of explosives. Spike is another ranged character that tosses spikey balls at opponents. It'll be interesting to see how these different characters can work together to execute effective strategies as a team.

If you want to try Brawl Stars out for yourself, but you don't live in Canada, fear not! Our friends over at PocketGamer created this handy guide to help you out.

Have you tried Brawl Stars yet? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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