StormBorn: War of Legends guide - Tips and tricks to help you win every battle

Posted by Glen Fox on November 6th, 2015
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StormBorn: War of Legendsarrived in the App Store this week to bring us a fresh twist on the veteranClash of Clansformula as you try and save the land of Eraine which has fallen from glory.

You'll build your own base, recruit heroes, attack enemy players, and complete a lengthy storyline as you try and wrest Eraine from the darkness that has taken over it.

But enough of this talk. We're here to give you a few tips and tricks to help you win every single battle against enemy players.

Level up and enhance your heroes abilities

You can use the Archon currency to level up your heroes and it's very easy to earn by completing quests or building Archon Wells and completing quests.

Absolutely spend it on training your heroes to level them up. It's quite cheap to do so and increases your heroes power considerably. Aim to always keep them as high as the house they're aligned to will allow and focus on upgrading these before all other buildings before all others if you're serious about battling.

Also, enhance your your heroes' abilities as much as possible. This is a little more difficult as it costs gold which is used to purchase and upgrade buildings as well but is a worthwhile pursuit - particularly for those heroes you favour the most.

Complete quests to earn equipment

I see you're noticing a pattern for our tips - yes, try and get your heroes as powerful as possible before you send them out into the field. Equipment is a big part of that.

You earn it by completing quests and should equip it on your favourite heroes or, in other words, the ones you use most in battle. Try not to spread your equipment about too much even though it's tempting. You only take a few heroes into battle, after all, so focus on them.

Use your abilities and choose your battles wisely

Once you're in battle you have no control over your heroes other than when they use their abilities. Use this to your advantage.

You can combo abilities together by using them at the same time which gives you an enormous damage boost. Use this if you can but don't obsess over it - sometimes it's just quicker to fire off one ability as soon as it's available to instakill all your enemies.

Finally, and this is possibly the most important tip - choose your battles wisely. When you enter battle you're given a preview of the opponents you'll face. If you're outnumbered or your opponents outlevel you, hit 'Find New' instead.

Yes, you'll spend a few gold to do so but it's cheaper than losing the battle, as you'll earn far more for a victory.

Have you been enjoyingStormBorn? Do you have any battle tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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