Stellar Wanderer guide - How to become a great space explorer

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 19th, 2016
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Stellar Wanderer is a rather large space exploration game. With a focus on combat and completing missions, you might find yourself a little lost. Never fear, for 148Apps is here to provide you with some tips and tricks on getting to grips with things.

Pick your control method wisely

Choosing to control things via the accelerometer seems like a cool idea. You can move your iPhone around to glide all over the place. When you’re just exploring, this is fine, but combat requires a finer touch. Switch over to the virtual joystick for your sanity’s sake!

Don’t shoot directly at your enemy

Huh? You ask, understandably. This is important, though. Don’t fire directly at your enemy. They’re moving fast, which means you have to fire so they fly into your attack.

Stellar Wanderer offers a small dot as a form of heads up, so you know where to aim, but try to learn as you go along anyway. It’s so much more effective than aiming at the ship itself.

Picking a class

Don’t worry too much about which path you choose. The main thing they affect is your bonuses and special abilities, but it’s not too drastic. There’s no one overpowered class, nor is there a much weaker option.


It’s good to wander around a little. The purple indicator tells you where to go for your primary missions, but don’t be afraid to check out the side missions too.

Doing so will often reward you with some bits and pieces, plus you’ll gain experience and level up faster.

Speed things up

Use the Time Multiplier button often. Space is huge and there’s a lot of it to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to do everything possible to speed things up. Do remember to switch it off when you come across an enemy though!

iPhone Screenshots

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