Shred It! Beginner's Guide - tips and tricks for negotiating the slopes

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 12th, 2015
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Shred It! is a charming Endless snowboarding game from Extra Mile Studios. With its recent update adding plenty of new content, we’ve taken a look at it and rounded up some great tips and tricks to help you rack up those high scores.

Save those paperclips

You earn paper clips for completing tricks, challenges, picking up feathers, logging in and more.

We recommend you try and save them for unlocking new characters rather than new boards or costumes because characters have extra skills, while the boards and costumes are purely cosmetic.

Everyone has a talent

Each of the characters you can buy have a special talent.

Rufus can bark to scare off critters so you don’t have to worry about dodging them, Frappe will never have his controls inverted if you race over an ice patch, Cosmo can double jump, and Pengz never has to duck because he’s so small.

Spend some time figuring out which element of the game you find most difficult and use the character that's best for you.

Things to do each day

Log in! Simply loading up the game will give you free clips each day. These add up fast and it’s not like you have to do anything more than open up the app.

Also, check out the daily challenges. These are usually pretty simple with objectives like collecting a certain number of feathers, pulling off a certain number of tricks, and so on. You’ll earn a ton of easy clips this way.

Enjoy Checkpoint Challenge

Endless mode is pretty fun, but it’s Checkpoint Challenge that will grab your attention and give you the most structure.

Time is everything in this mode but there are a few tricks you can do to extend your limited time.

For example, you gain extra seconds for collecting 10 feathers so always try and grab them so you can play for longer.

Also, try to avoid hitting anything as that will only slow you down.

Finally, pull off as many tricks as possible to gain a big combo score and earn more clips. Plus, hey, it looks cool too!

Got any more tip for us? Let us know in the comments!

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