Reigns character guide: Who's who in your kingdom

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on August 18th, 2016
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Know your foes. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. And there are probably some other cliches that would apply to your perilous spot on the throne in Reigns as well.

We can do you one better than that. If you've already absorbed our one vital point for beginners, we're here to help give you the lowdown on the denizens of your kingdom. We won't give details on all the characters in the game, because that would spoil some of the fun of discovery, but some hints on the various people, animals, and um, other things with which you'll be interacting certainly can't hurt.

The Priest

The emissary of the Church, would prefer if you looked after your soul. Doing what he wants usually costs you in the Treasury but boosts your Church standing.

The Diplomat

Gives you advice about what's going on in other lands. Helpful, but also easy to ignore.

The Spy

Speaks in riddles, sure. However, he can help destabilize other lands to your benefit if you can decipher what he's telling you.

The Prince

Heir to your throne. A bit of a loose cannon, which makes you wonder what that says about you if he's a chip off the old block.

The Queen

Not a necessity, but nice to have around. Likes to throw you birthday celebrations that your people seem to enjoy.

The Nobleman

Can be hit up for business dealings.

The Farmer

Usually found whining about crops or some such nonsense. Then again, paying him no mind sometimes leads to people starving, and that can be bad. Or good, depending.

The Bird

Won't leave you alone. Is he actually telling you something?

The Doctor

Now here's a guy you might need to keep an eye on, or have someone else watch. Doesn't have many scruples, and is fond of experiments that most people would not attempt.

The General

In charge of your army, naturally. Can solve some problems but gets upset if you ask him to handle everything.

The Merchant

Did they have credit cards in medieval times? Nope, but this guy is the next best thing.

The Jester

Smarter than he might first appear. He's got some very interesting ideas about entertainment.

The Witch

Knows magic, and can teach it to you. But there's a price to pay ...

The Royal Dog

Likes barking and playing fetch. Also can take you places away from the castle if you play with him long enough.

The Dragon

Has a damsel in distress to perpetuate the stereotype. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to duel him to the death though.

The Ghost

A former king? He's the one who sets your adventures in ruling the land in motion.

The Dungeon

Not a person, obviously, but a place. You can check it out any time you like, but you might not be able to leave.

The Executioner

Kind of self-explanatory. You wonder how committed he is to his job, and who you might have to find to replace him if he quits.

The Prophet

Is he really preaching the word of the Church? And does it matter if he can be a pain in the ass in the lands of your enemies?

The Homunculus

Because everyone speaks to inanimate objects. At least under the influence of the proper mushrooms ...

The Minstrel

Singer of songs. He can even write one about you.

The Skeleton

Lives in the Dungeon. Gives you someone against whom to practice those fencing skills.

The Fortune Teller

Another one you can probably figure out on your own. It's trickier to know if what he's saying has any bearing on your actions.

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