Raids of Glory: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for the Newbie Pirate

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 15th, 2015
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Ahoy there, matey:
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So you've just downloaded Raids of Glory and are in need of some assistance as to what to do first? We’ve got you covered with some handy beginners’ tips and tricks to help ease you into the process.

The currencies

As anyone used to Clash of Clans style games knows, understanding the currencies involved is important to success. Raids of Glory offers a few different types.
  • Gold - Gold buys stuff, predictably. All new buildings are dependent upon it rather than any need for special resources. The prices steadily rise though, so expect to always be short on gold.

  • Rum - Rum buys you the love of a pirate. OK, not the love, but the loyalty. Those pirates can then be sent out to attack enemy outposts, so you want to have enough rum to hire more at any time.

  • Skulls - Skulls are the premium currency and are primarily used to speed things along. Try to resist using them for the little things and plan accordingly. Fortunately, more skulls aren’t too hard to come by.

  • In the case of gold and rum, you can hold your finger down to their respective bars and you’ll be told what your hourly output is. It’s a handy guide to seeing how well you’re progressing.

What to focus on?

  • As is often the case, balance between resources is key here.

  • Keep chipping away at opposition for the sake of gold, but spread such gold around your buildings.

  • The Pirate Mansion is a bit of an obvious upgrade as it unlocks new buildings each time.

  • Similarly, upgrades to the barracks means you can recruit more troops, with stronger hit points, as well as unlock new types of pirates.

  • The Shooting Range offers similar advantages for projectile-based troops, and better troops mean better chances of success in battle.

  • Don’t forget about the leader’s lounge, either. 12,000 gold seems like a lot to spend early on, but having a leader to take your pirates to battle can make a huge difference.

  • A Mad Alchemist enables you to buy consumables, giving you the edge in battle. Don’t rely upon them too much, but early on they can really help as you stumble your way through battle. At its simplest, you can use a bomb to chip away at your enemies, but eventually you can buy bombardments to destroy more than one tower at a time, and even utilize control bombs that allow you to control enemy towers.

  • At Pirate Mansion level 4 you can buy a Blacksmith, allowing you to upgrade units. It’s a handy focus, once you’ve got a fairly steady selection of troops at your disposal.

The best form of defense is attack

  • Prepare to fight it out. A lot. It’s more fun than just sitting back anyhow.

  • Don't forget: you can always scout an enemy base, then back out of fighting.

  • When attacking an enemy base, remember to look out for defensive towers that have been placed behind other buildings. It makes them trickier to spot, as well as get to.

  • Also, when forming your own base, remember that towers standing out in plain sight are easy to destroy compared to ones that are hidden.

  • Keep your base tightly formed. A strategically placed tower can make all the difference.

General advice

  • You can give other players gifts. It’s a useful way to make friends, plus there are achievements tied to it.

  • Achievements and daily missions are a great way to not only give you something to focus on, but also to earn easy skulls and experience. They tend to be based around destroying a certain number of enemy buildings, upgrading your own, and general things that don’t take much effort to accomplish.

Raids of Glory

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