Puzzle series Legacy returns with The Hidden Relic, out now on iOS and Android

Posted by 148Apps Staff on March 7th, 2019
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Those with a hunger for all things puzzle-solving and point-and-click adventure will definitely want to check out Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic. This new third entry arrives roughly a year after the previous game, placing players in the role of an archaeologist’s apprentice in search of his missing mentor. How do you go about doing this? By solving multiple rooms containing puzzles of course!

What you’ll immediately notice about Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic is how slow paced it is. The hidden temple you find yourself in is littered with various physics-based puzzles, each with their own logical solution, and the best way to resolve them is to slow down, think, and analyse what exactly it is you’re looking that. Players that understand this will reap the most rewarding experience.

All of the game’s environments are realised using attractive, full 3D graphics that seek to pull you in using a thick sense of atmosphere. The difficulty of puzzles gradually increases when moving from room to room, but those concerned that they’ll become stuck needn’t worry. This is thanks to an in-game hint system that can be made use of at any time.

Developer No Signal Productions has taken on explicit feedback from the community regarding the previous game, ensuring that the rooms in Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic are much brighter by comparison. This doesn’t mean they’ve been made any easier, just more in line with the original remit to make puzzles challenging but fair.

Think you can solve the mystery of the missing mentor? Try your luck by downloading Legacy 3 – The Hidden Relic today on iOS or Android.

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