Punch Club guide - How to train up and get in fighting shape

Posted by Campbell Bird on January 23rd, 2016
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In Punch Club, you've got to fight your way to the top by any means necessary.

Even though you won't be controlling your fighter when he's in the ring, you have to make sure he's taking care of himself to be ring ready on fight night. Here are a few tips to punch up your game.

Have a routine disruption plan

As much as Punch Club is about establishing a training regimen to keep your fighter healthy, happy, and fit for battle, there are so many things that can and will happen outside of the ring that will disrupt your patterns.

Some of these things will help you establish an even more comfortable regimen, while others put you in a position where you have to scrape together dough for a frozen pizza. But be prepared for things to change, because they almost always do.

Save up for training equipment ASAP

The best way to get better in Punch Club is to outfit your garage with training equipment. Although it's expensive, investing in these tools early makes training much easier.

Pro-tip: try to make sure you're trained up a bit before you start amassing so much money, as people on the street will likely try to confront someone walking around with a ton of cash.

In addition to being satisfying, beating up these street punks will help you unlock additional events in Punch Club and help you earn coins to unlock new abilities.

Establish stat baselines

If you don't train up a stat each day, you'll get worse. This makes the best abilities to unlock the ones that prevent base stats from falling below a certain point.

Although the in-game guide to effective training encourages players to only focus on one particular stat, you'll become a much better fighter if you can train up one stat once, lock it into place, and then re-focus on something new.

Did we knock out this Punch Club guide? Have any secrets of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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